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Can discs be formatted if they're CD-R?

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No, you can write to a CD-R but not format, once it has been written to you cannot erase the data off of it, you can still write to it if you leave the disc as an open-session. A CD-RW however can be formatted and reused.

2007-06-19 15:40:37
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Are all floppy discs formatted?

Most floppy disks will come pre-formatted. All floppy disks need to be formatted to be usable.

Why can you not burn DVD onto a cr-r disk?

Because cdr discs only have MBs of space and DVD discs are in GBs

Will the Ativa CD-R work in any CDR drive?

Yes long as it gets formatted correctly.

What data is often on a CD-R?

cdr can be formatted into an audio CD, data CD or video CD... its the format you choose that determines what you can put onto it. cdr can take almost anything. note, if you just drag mp3 files onto your cdr and burn, it does not make it an audio CD, but data.

How do you fix laser burned discs?

you cant throw them away theyre useless now

What is the difference between CDR and CDR-W?

You can write to a CDR once. A CDR-W can be erased and rewritten over and over.

How many MB is a DVD?

the formatted capacity is always different (and less) from the discs stated capacity, so heres a chart based on 1 gb = 1024mb 4.7gb DVD = unformatted: approx 4812mb formatted: 4392.96mb

How come CD-RWs do not come formatted?

because you can format them 2 different ways.. To work like a hard drive or burn onto them in sessions to protect data sort of like a CDR..

If you burn on a compact disc recordable can you burn over it again?

If you are using a cdr you can make multisession discs where you can burn multiple sets of data onto a disc but you can not remove any data. Once you use 700 mb it's full. You can buy cdrw discs where you can delete data.

What is the disk capacity of the DVP-NS710HB Upscaling DVD Player?

The DVP can play dual-layer discs, which hold a formatted capacity of 8.5 GB.

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How can you burn a PS3 game to a cdrw?

There is no way possible of burning a ps3 game to a cdr. Its in blu-ray format so not even half the data on the blu ray disc will fit into the cdr There is no way possible of burning a ps3 game to a cdr. Its in blu-ray format so not even half the data on the blu ray disc will fit into the cdr

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Is there any way to rewrite a CDR?

No. It is possible to put information on a CDR and not take up the whole space (700MB) and then add more later; however, it is not recommended.

How do you earse songs from a CD?

There are several kinds of CDs. Stamped (store bought) CD that come with data on them, are not writable, or erasable. They are manufactured with the data already on them. CDR discs can be written with a computer drive, but in general, they cannot be erased. They can be damaged where they can't be read back though. CDRW discs can be written to and then erased and re-written. You need software on the computer to do that though. Look into Nero burning ROM. It's a very good program for doing what you want here, assuming you are using CDRW discs.

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