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Can dog fur really cause asthma?


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No. Dog fur can not cause Asthma, but many people with asthma are sensitive to dog fir.

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Yes it is the dog has fur which is what triggers asthma The dog I have is a shih tzu, which has hair instead of fur. The only disadvantage with a dog with hair is hair grows fast and the dog will need to have his/her hair trimmed more often like ours.

Cause it looks like you and has fur !!

Yorkies are very good dogs to have if you have allergies or asthma. I have one and my asthma is pretty bad. See Yorkies have hair , not fur like a lot of dogs so they do not shed or have a lot of dander that dogs with fur do. There are a lot of places on line that will tell you what dog to get if you have allergies. Yorkies and Maltese, and Bichons are three I know of. But pretty much any dog that has hair and not fur are ok. And surprisingly a lot of the dogs that you should not get have very little fur, like chihuahuas.

Asthma attacks occur for different reasons in different people. For some, the trigger is animal hair, but usually that of dogs and/or cats. While any animal's fur can trigger an attack in certain asthma-prone people, the fur of native Australian animals is less likely to cause problems than that of dogs and cats.

it might or might not. asthmatics have different triggers which cause their asthma to flare up. some common triggers iclude dust, pollen, exercise and animal fur

a hairless dog or at least a chihuahua Unfortunately there is no dog that will be safe around your child because it's not the fur on the dog, but dog dander off their skin. For now I would not get a dog as hard as it is for your child. In time, many young people will out-grow asthma. My husband had it as a child and it stopped when he reached puberty. If your child has a light case of asthma then discuss this prospect with your family doctor first.

dogs fur collect dust which then produce asthma in a person and that's how it happens :) dogs fur collect dust which then produce asthma in a person and that's how it happens :) dogs fur collect dust which then produce asthma in a person and that's how it happens :)

there is really no difference.....most people say dog hair is what it is called when it falls off the dog and fur when it is on the dog...dogs with short fur/hair get less fleas then dogs with long fur/hair.... dogs also with white or light fur get more fleas then dogs with dark or black fur...

Depending of severity and how it is triggered. They shed fur a lot, but I'm athsmatic and I'm OK with Huskies.

dog cat rabbit and any other pet with lots of fur.(make sure you are close to it)

I really hope your kidding. =| It's shedding it's fur, it'll grow back,

Dog fur wouldn't really have a taste - it doesn't have volatile or aromatic compounds that would incite a taste sensation. If the dog fur has a lot of skin oil on it, you might taste an oily sensation, though.

Poodles are really cute because of their fur obviously they come from a higher class dog their fur is really soft and comfy and cozy.

if you brush your rottweiler around 2-3 times a week the fur should stay down, they do not shed very much but if you are concerned about asthma, brushing will probably be the best thing to do.

No, rabbits don't give you asthma; but, if you have asthma, rabbit fur dander and the hay could make things worse for you.

Dog fur, despite the theory of Papa John McHugh. Dog Fur sheds and Dog Hair does not.

Asthma is often caused by allergic reactions. If you were to get a "hypo-allergenic" dog, or one that has hair, not fur, it will lessen allergic reactions, as most who are allergic to dogs, are actually allergic to their dander. I do know that Yorkshire Terriers are one such breed, for I have one due to my allergies.

Because they shed there fur and then the child enhales the fur.

rubs its fur on its weaher anf dfGFBbd

Yes, most dog fur is soft.

Fleas will nest under the fur of a dog and cause he/she to itch.

NO! they are a type of dog with really soft fur I have one and shes adorable!!!!!!!!!

You can use any shampoo. But human shampoo tends to dry their skin out and cause their fur to be dull.

Take the dog to the vet. If it is scratching and losing fur the cause could be mange, which will continue to spread and is dangerous to the dog's health. This is usually seen in dogs who are outdoors a lot.

get a bichon frise...they have hair not fur which means no allergies. they look like a terrier only with poodle hair. they are adorable. they are great with kids and famies.

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