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Can dogs eat banana peels?

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Can dogs eat banana peels as a source of potassium?

Feed your dogs banana peels. If your dog injests them, they can clog his intestines and cause problems for him/her and cost you nearly 600.00 dollars for emergency surgery.

Do butterflies eat banana peels?


Do raccoons eat banana peels?


Is it safe for deer to eat banana peels?


Can Amazon parrots eat banana peels?


Can sheep eat banana peels?

no they can not they can choke and die from them

How do you eat banana peels?

you don't eat them. but if your dumb enough then try it.

Can guinea pigs eat banana peels?

no they can there aspogh is to short

Can rabbits eat banana peels?

No, banana peels have small strands of banana on them that taste bitter. The rabbit will have a stomach ache and might have diarrhea. Try eating a strand and see what you think!

Can you feed a dog banana peels?

Banana peels are very unhealthy for the stomache walls of dogs, monkeys however have a stronger stomache lining and can eat for however long until its full...dogs tend to take small bites of pretty much anything and a small amount won't hurt but don't do it regularly

Do monkey eat bananas peels?

Yes. They eat the banana first, And then eat the peel later.

Can a chicken eat banana peels?

Yes it is actually healthy for their diet

'What kind of clothing can you make out of banana peels'?

you could make slippers out of banana peels.

Can I eat banana peals?

Eating banana peels is not common in the west, but Asian people do eat them. They are generally cooked and are rich in nutrients, especially potassium

Are banana peels clean?


Is there a use for banana peels?


Can horses eat banana peels?

Yep they sure can. Most of them wont though but me fella does and it does him no harm

Do dogs pee on banana peels?

yes. they could. maybe. I have an idea: Try putting a banana peel on the ground, and see if your dog pees on it. Good Luck!

Can banana peelings be made into paper?

your sa beautifulYes. But banana peels have very small amount of fiber and it is not economical to make paper from banana peels.

Can you compost banana peels?


Can you feed your pigs banana peels?


Are banana peels biodegradeable?


What are some biodegradable items?

Fruits and veggies banana peels orange peels

What does a heffalump eat?

they eat banana peels and gummy bear fruit that grows next to the pink panda who lives in the blue dojo.

Do banana peels contain tannin?