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Yes, I give my dog brown rice, and it's actually quite healthy for them. Rice is not harmful to dogs, however, if you give a dog too much rice, it might upset the stomach. Give your dog an amount of rice if you are going to give rice to a dog.

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Can you eat brown rice raw?

no one cannot eat brown rice raw. it should be cooked

Can you eat white rice or just brown rice?

You can eat both.

Do dogs eat vegtables?

yes they do some of dogs can eat rice

Can dogs eat rice?


Is it ok for dogs to have brown rice in their diet?


Do birds eat brown rice?

They can.

Can dogs eat java rice?

No they will get leukimia

Is white rice or brown rice healthier for dogs?

Brown rice is healthier for dogs (and humans) because it has higher levels of vitamins and minerals. White rice is created by taking brown rice and stripping away the outer layers (bran and germ). It is those layers that contain the vitamins and minerals - hence white rice is less nutritious (less healthy).

Can finches eat brown rice that is uncooked?


Can you eat rice during a Daniel fast?

You can only eat brown rice during a Daniel Fast.

Can dogs eat lentils and rice?

Yes, it is fine for a dog to eat rice. We fed our Akita brown rice with boiled chicken and dog vitamion mix for his whole life due to allergies. He lived 17 years, which is quite long for a large breed dog.

Why is rice popular?

Rice is popular because it is great with anything you can eat rice with almost anything. Rice especially brown rice is healthy and is good to eat when dieting.rice is good for you!

Do Japanese eat brown or white rice?

both, but typically white rice

Is brown rice a bad idea I eat it 2 3 times a day with some chicken and fish and eggs I eat about three cups of rice a day?

No, brown rice is not a bad thing to eat. It is actually very healthy for you.

What eat brown pelican?


What types of dogs did Chinese people eat?

brown dogs

Is white rice harmful for us?

Kinda brown rice is better for you. But you can still eat it . I personally don't eat white white rice that often.

Is it unhealthy for dogs to eat raw rice?

Rice is good for dogs. I give mine white rice but steam it. Raw rice i wouldn't think would be good. But steamed rice is a healthy treat for pets.

What it the best rice to eat?

The best rice to eat that benefits your health would be brown rice. I think it is a little harder than white rice, but it is actually really good for you.

Is brown rice healthy?

Brown rice is very healthy. Just make sure to eat it in moderation! It isn't healthy if you eat bowls and bowls of it (obviously), but if you just eat a serving, it's great for you.

Can dogs eat wild rice?

yes they can, its easy for them to digust

What human food dogs can eat?

chicken (unsalted) rice

Can you eat brown rice on a gluten free diet?


What are the names of food one can eat for dinner?

brown rice

Is rice food?

Eat brown rice because it is much healthier than white rice. White rice has been stripped of its nutrients (fiber, proteins, calcium, magnesium and potassium and thiamine). This happens when brown rice is hulled, processed and changed to white rice. White rice is "enriched" with chemically altered additives that make it a bad choice to eat. Brown rice is also high in selenium, manganese and is a rich antioxidant.

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