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Can dogs get high on marijuana?

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βˆ™ 2009-04-24 15:30:13

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Yes they do

2009-04-24 15:30:13
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Is marijuana bad for dogs?

Yes, marijuana is bad for dogs - it can cause severe neurologic problems and lead to death if the dose is high enough. As a side note, marijuana possession is illegal in the US.

Can dogs die from eating marijuana?

No, they'll just get sick and/or high.

Can feeding dogs marijuana stems kill them?

No, it is a healthy high because your pet is not inhaling the smoke of the weed.

Can dogs inhale marijuana?

only the dogs that know how to breath.

Can dolphins get high from marijuana?

No marijuana cannot make them high but i hope you are not trying to get them high.....

Can marijuana do harm to dogs or animals?


How do you stop a marijuana high?

don't do marijuana.

D c Can dogs eating Can dogs eat marijuana seeds?


What can you do to not be high on Marijuana anymore?

Stop using marijuana.

Can dogs use marijuana pills?

yes they can.

Is marijuana harmful to dogs?

well it's about as harmful to dogs as it it to humans. that beings said i personally wouldn't get a dog high because of a lack of coordination and coherence when the dog is high (could lead to falls other mishaps that may be harmful to the dog)

Can dogs go blind from eating marijuana?

Yes it is true that scientific studies have shown that dogs who eat or inhale second hand smoke from marijuana will go blind

How long do you stay high on marijuana?

It depends on a lot of factors; quality of the marijuana, number of times you have used marijuana (a veteran smoker doesn't stay as high as long). My first time smoking marijuana I smoke some high grade stuff and was high for over 3 hours.

Does herbal weed get you high?

Marijuana is an herb. It will get you high. A: Some weed will get you "high", however, some Marijuana will cause you to feel more high than others

Can you fall asleep while high from marijuana?

Marijuana puts you to sleep!

What is the purpose of marijuana?

to get high

Can you get a?

Contact high from marijuana

What are the affections of marijuana?

you get high

Is marijuana safe for dogs?

no its more deadly to them than it is to a human

Are male marijuana plants good for marijuana tea?

Yeah but it would just be marijuana flavored. It wont get you high.

Will a male marijuana plant get you high?

it will but it will be more of a tired high unlike hydroponic or popcorn. it also depends on the strand of marijuana.

What happens if you smoke a marijuana leaf?

If you smoke marijuana leaves you will get a "mellow" high but it won't be a strong high as if you smoked the buds.x)

What cooking ingredients can get you high?

The only known ingredient to "safely" get you high is marijuana. Examples include desserts such as marijuana brownies.

Can dogs get high from smoking marijuana?

Yes. But technically, and legally it is animal abuse to give an animal an intoxicating substance for a non-medical reason that hasn't been approved by a veterinarian. There is a myth that a dog can overdose from marijuana. Furthermore, if you keep marijuana in any place where a dog can get to it, they may eat it and get sick to there stomach.

Can dogs die from marijuana?

Any living being would die due to marijuana overdose. A dog could too.