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It is actually extremely common for a baby to be screened for Down syndrome while in the womb. While it is not always correct in its conclusion, a parent is told the possibility that their child may have down syndrom.

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Q: Can down syndrome be diagnosed before birth?
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What age does down syndrome start to occur?

Down syndrome is something you are born with; it is not something that will suddenly "appear."

What is an example of established risk?

Being diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome, versus growing up in poverty or an abusive home.

Is Down Syndrome a birth defect?

no it's not a birth's a disease caught way before birth..Down syndrome is when a person has 1 more chromosome than normal people.

Is down syndrome caused by premature birth?

Down syndrome is not caused by premature birth. Down syndrome is present in the embryo from the time of conception. Down syndrome, in contrast, may lead to premature birth.

Can Down syndrome be diagnosed before the child is born?

In certain cases, yes. Amniocentesis is the method commonly used to find out.

Does duodenal atresia always mean Down syndrome?

No, there is a 30-40% chance of Down Syndrome when duodenal atresia is diagnosed.

What is the diagnosis for Down syndrome?

It cannot be diagnosed, since it is in no way possible to contract.

What can be diagnosed by examining a karyotype of an individuals white blood cells?

Down Syndrome

How many people have down syndrome in Mexico?

2009 statistics show over 131,199 people in Mexico were diagnosed with down syndrome, or 3.73 cases per 10,000 births.

Is Susan Boyle a special needs person?

She was briefly deprived of oxygen at birth and she was diagnosed as having learning disabilities.

Can animals such as dogs and cats get Down syndrome?

No that is only in humans I'm not sure animals can actually have down syndrome, but they can always have birth disorders. Although there is also one recorded case of a cat believed to have down syndrome. Heres the link if your Interested- Alex and Amelia 'Down's Syndrome' is technically when there is three 21 chromosomes in a human. Therefore, no other animals can have 'Down's Syndrome' specifically. Other animals can, however, have three of other chromosomes and have a similar physical defect, although they rarely are able to survive in the wild.

In which age bracket do people mostly get Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is something a baby has at birth. It is not a condition that you can "get" at a later age.