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Q: Can dragon fruit seeds cause appendicitis?
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Do tomato seeds can cause appendicitis?


Do guava seeds can causes appendicitis?

Yes. You can get acute appendicitis due to guava seeds or seed of orange. At times the seed lodge in the lumen of the appendix and cause acute appendicitis.

What are dragon fruits?

The Dragon fruit is a red, oval fruit with green flaps and inside it is gray, juicy fruit with little black seeds that look like sesame seeds.

Does a dragon fruit have seeds?


How do you get yellow dragon fruit?

Keep on buying dragon fruit seeds at the seed cart and in the end if you're lucky you'll get a yellow dragon fruit seed

Can eating sunflower seeds give you appendicitis?

Sunflower seeds cannot in themselves cause appendicitis. Appendicitis is an infection of the appendix resulting from some sort of injury, such as trauma, impacted stool, or worms. While a diet high in fats may cause constipation and hence impacted stool, the sunflower seeds themselves are not the primary contributor, and are in fact less fatty than many other foods. Thus eating sunflower seeds is not enough to cause appendicitis, unless you are eating an extremely unhealthy diet.

What seeds do you have to plant to get ninja moshlings?

dragon fruit

Can a guinea pig eat dragon fruit?

No hamsters can not eat dragon fruit because the seeds will choke them

What is inside dragon fruit?

Alot of small black edible seeds and fruit...

Can you grow dragon fruit by its seeds?

yes you can but you will get a different variety as the seeds contain a different genetic conbination

What is the web code of chop chop?

3 dragon fruit seeds

What moshling do you get with a yellow dragon fruit any star blossom and a blue dragon fruit?

The moshling that you can get with those seeds is a bit of a new moshling O'Really

What seeds do you need to get o really on moshi monsters?

O'Really the Unluckie Larrikin [Luckies] Blue Dragon Fruit+ Yellow Dragon Fruit+ Any Star Blossom

Can eating small sized seeds get you an appendicitis. Also by eating too much sweets?

No, these things cannot cause appendicitis. It's caused by obstruction of the appendiceal lumen, and because of this bacteria multiplies.

How are veggies classified?

i think its if they have seeds in them like tomatos are a fruit cause they have seeds.

Is a capsicum a fruit or a vegetable?

It's a fruit cause it has seeds. Derr.

What fruits have few seeds?

mango,apple,dragon fruit,pineapple and strawberry

What seeds do you plant to get Shelby the moshling on moshi monsters?

039 Shelby the Slapstick Tortoise [Ninja] Black Dragon Fruit, any Dragon Fruit, any Magic Beans

Do tomato seeds causes appendicitis?

Well,In some countries, tomato seeds are used to treat many diseases, such as maltornicitis and frudocycolosis. It may cause appendicitis in large doses, however.Hope this helps!

What seeds do you plant to get Purdy the moshling on moshi monsters?

020 Purdy the Pink Fluffy Kitty [Kitty] Any Dragon Fruit, any Moon Orchid, any Dragon Fruit

How does a dragon fruit look?

The link below has some images of the dragon fruit. The inside of the red type looks a little like beetroot, with tiny black seeds scattered throughout.

What feature that cause by fruit dispersed by wind?

seeds are a feature of fruit that are dispersed by wind

What seeds do you plant to get O'Really the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

070 O'Really the Unlucky Larrikin [Luckies] any Star Blossom, Blue Dragon Fruit, Yellow Dragon Fruit

What moshling code is love berry dragon fruit and snap apple?

maybe by super seeds right?

How many seeds does dragon fruit has?

it has over 100