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Can dust mites live in your eyelids or eyelashes?


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March 30, 2011 12:33AM

Dust mites typically live on fluffy furniture and bedding. They can infest your pillows and get on the eyelashes, but they do not live on them. There is a type of lice that affects the eyelashes. It is called Phthiris pubis. This type of lice is also known as "crabs", as the same type of lice can infest the pubic area. But when in the eyelashes, they can cause ithching and swelling of the eyelid and cause the eyes to water more and become inflamed. If you look closely in a mirror, you should see the knits which look like little white eggs attached to the eyelash. If you suspect this, there is a treatment you can get from your physician or eye doctor. Do not try to use lice removal supplies meant for the hair. It can cause very serious complications if it gets in your eyes.