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Yes, increased appetite is one of the many symptoms of pregnancy

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Q: Can eating a lot be due to early pregnancy?
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How does your breasts get bigger?

-After pregnancy -by eating a lot

Do your breasts get a lot bigger in early pregnancy?


What does it mean when you have a lot of bloating during pregnancy?

eating too much salt and retaining a lot of water.

Is eating a lot and not getting full a symptom of pregnancy?

No not really. Most women get that some time before they get their period. It's the body's way to prepare for a pregnancy. During the pregnancy the fetus need maybe a sandwich and a glass of juice, it does not make you eat that much more and not early in the pregnancy.

If you are eating a lot does that mean you are pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant you may eat a lot, but it is not a sign of pregnancy, it is a sign of hunger and/or greed.

Is sleeping a lot a sign of early pregnancy?

No ,your blood probably needs iron.

Can eating a lot of fast food early in pregnancy cause you to miscarry?

No not at all BUT it can have very bad effects on the baby and you...It can always make you gain weight...ALWAYS ALWAYS eat healthy!

Why is my dog not eating a lot?

If your dog is not eating a lot it may be due to it having bad appetite. The causes of it not eating a lot may be that it is ill, unfamiliar surrounding, it was recently vaccinated or there is some pickiness or behavior issues.

Do you have a lot of gas when you are pregnant?

Yes, depending what foods you eat, especially early in your pregnancy.

Is puffiness of the nipples a sign of early pregnancy?

It can be but, also it can mean a lot of other things.

Is being very gassy and bloated an early sign of pregnancy?

It can be a sign of pregnancy, but then again it can be a sign of a lot of conditions. I suggest you take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Is it safe to take cranberry capsules in early pregnancy?

Sure you can take cranberry capsules in pregnancy. It's just like eating (a LOT of) cranberries, which is a natural food, and good for you too. The extra Vitamin C and antioxidants will benefit your health and also your baby's.

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