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Not if the woman is not infected with HIV.

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2012-12-09 21:46:57
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Q: Can eating vagina spread HIV
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Does HIV spread through eating food infected with HIV?

No it does not.

Does HIV spread through eating fruit touched by infected with HIV?

You can't get HIV from eating fruit handled by someone with HIV. HIV isn't transmitted by this sort of casual or household contact.

Is eating vagina lead to hiv?

If the person you are having oral sex with is HIV positive, then it is possible to be infected with the virus.

Can AIDS be spread by the eating of someone else food?

HIV isn't spread through sharing of food.

Can you get a disease from eating a girl out?

If she has an infection, then yes, it is possibile for it to be spread from her vagina to your mouth.

Does HIV transfer when swallowing HIV positive vagina fluid?

It is possible for HIV to transfer when swallowing HIV positive vagina fluid.

Can you get hiv from fingering leaking vagina?

No You can only get HIV from contacting some one with HIV. If the vagina belongs to someone with HIV then it is possible. however iv that person with the vagina is not HIV positive then you wont get HIV. HIV is the result of a virus not of any sexual behaviour.

Do you get HIV by licking vagina of a girl?

there is chance to get HIV

How mosquto bite spread HIV?

They don't spread HIV.

Can washing with soap protect from HIV?

Washing your penis or vagina with soap after unprotected sex will not protect you from HIV. However, to minimize the spread of germs, it is a good idea to wash your hands frequently.

How does HIV spread through you body?

HIV does spread throughout the body.

Can HIV spread through the skin?

HIV cannot spread through skin unless there are cuts or open wounds or sores. HIV can spread through mucous membranes which is the soft, often moist tissue in some organs, for example the tissue that layers the inside of the vagina, the head o f mans penis or the inner foreskin or an uncircumcised man.

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