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Q: Can elephants eat through its nose?
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Do elephants breathe through their trunks?

For elephants, the trunk is the same as a nose is to most animals. Breathing through the nose is natural. Breathing through the mouth is not comfortable.

How is a elephants trunk like its nose?

because u moron they breath through it. and they like, well, eat and talk anyway.....

How do elephant breathe?

Elephants breathe through the mouth or trunk (which is just a very long nose) . The air then goes to the lungs, which function just like ours.

Do giraffes eat elephants?

Elephants do not eat giraffes because elephants do not eat meat. Elephants are herbivores.

Do elephants eat horses?

No because they dont have a huge mouth. They have a little trunk that looks like a tail where peoples nose are but longer. <><><> Above is quite right. Elephants are herbivores- they eat plants ( a LOT of plants) but no animals.

Do elephants eat only plants?

Elephants mostly eats Grass, Leaves, Roots, fruits and Bark. They uses their long Nose or Trunk to pull barks form the trees. An adult Elephants can eat about 136 kilogram (kg) of food in a day. Elephants are the largest animals on the earth. There are two species of elephants, African and Asians. Elephants live a maximum 30 to 50 years in the Wild.

Do elephants drink water?

Yes. Elephants do drink water.They use their trunk (their nose). They pull the water up from the watering hole through their trunk and then spray it into their mouth.

What are the feeding habits of elephants?

the feeding habits of a elephant are grass, foilage, friut, branches and twigs

What can an elephants nose do?

It can be used to smell, take a shower, and even to eat. It can be used to smell, take a shower, and even to eat. i love u britnay

What is a elephants trunk used for?

They're called teeth. The extended upper incisors are called tusks.

What does the nose and mouth do?

The nose breathe air in. Sometimes you do the same with the mouth.

Do elephants eat plants?

Yes elephants do eat plants