Can enlarged ventricles in the brain of an infant cause brain damage?

honestly i don't know exactly what it can do, but thinking logically if any thing is enlarged especially when things developing , has gotta do something. my daughter however was diagonosed with this when i was 7mths pregnant . to cut along story short shes fine no probelms . shes now 9 and i was told when having her that they didnt know how or if she would be affected but towards the end fliud was said to be increasing so i was induced!!! she really needs to have an mri to see if everything ok , but just don't think necessary when no porobelms when shes say 12 i will ask her. i do know that there is a charity i contacted who were wonderful help and support at the time ill dig the paperwork out later in the loft if u like hope this helps a little and gives you a positive story..memexx