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Fearow is able to learn Hyper Beam. It can learn Hyper Beam through the use of the TM, which can be bought at the Celadon Department Store.


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Fearow is a Beak Pokemon, and is capable of learning moves such as drill peck, fury attack, echoed voice, and hyper beam. Fearow can also learn giga impact.

No, not all Pokemon in Diamond can learn Hyper Beam.

Dragonair does not learn Dragon Rush in Pokemon Leafgreen. However, it can learn the move in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum at level 39.

IDK... but if you boot up the TM/HM it will show which Pokemon in your party can learn that move. So you should get Fearow in your party, then boot up the HM. Hope I helped :)

All Pokemon with a water-type can learn it. There are some other Pokemon that can learn it, but mostly water-Pokemon.

It can't learn that move cause it doesn't exist in leafgreen.

Any ghost type Pokemon can learn it.

No, Butterfree cannot learn Fly.

Gyarados learns Hyper Beam at level 50.

No, there are second stage and even basic pokemon who are capable of learning Hyper Beam.

In Pokémon LeafGreen, Geodude will learn Magnitude at Level 16.

You have to find a Pokemon that can learn the HM's try these Pokemon: Tentacruel, Relicanth, Wailord, Linoone, Fearow.

Dive is not an HM in leafgreen however some Pokemon can learn it on there own, if you want to have a Pokemon with dive have the Pokemon that you want learn dive in ruby or sapphire or emerald then have them trade you it and now you can use dive but not outside of battle because its not an HM.

You can't get it in Pokemon Crystal. Though there are Pokemon who can learn it like Dragonite.

It might be somewere inbeetween lvl 14 and lvl 25

Most dark types or normal types.

Yes, Krabby is able to learn Surf. After all, it is a Water-type Pokemon.

Charmander must evolve into Charizard to learn Hyper Beam.

Surf is a HM so you can teach it to multiple pokemon.

Any Pokemon that can fly can learn Fearow, Dragonite, Pidgeow?? I will try Pikachu or Zubat for fun.

Bulbasaur can learn any move he can learn in Pokemon leafgreen/ firered.

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