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Can felons vote in California?

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Are felons allowed to vote?

felons are not allowed to vote because the are criminals

What are the Illinois laws for convicted felons to vote?

felons cant vote

When did felons lose their right to vote?

Convicted felons have NEVER had a 'right' to vote.

Can convicted felons vote in California?

California allows former felons to vote, but the state prohibitsvoting by people incarcerated in prison or on parole. According tothe California Constitution and Elections Code, "A person entitledto register to vote shall be a United States citizen, a resident ofCalifornia, not in prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony,and at least 18 years of age." (Cal. Const. Art. II, Sec. 4; Cal. Elec.Code Sec. 2101) This means that California residents who have afelony conviction can vote after completion of parole, while onprobation,or if they are committed to county jail with a felonyconviction.Yes felons can vote so get out there and let your voice be heard!Cecil B.

Which states that allow felons to vote?

Maine and Vemont allow felons to vote even while in prison.

Who are convicted felons currently serving in the us house and senate?

There are no convicted felons in congress. Felons can’t vote let alone run for office.

Can felons vote in Indiana?

Felons in Indiana can vote after their incarceration period ends. See the website linked below.

Can felons vote in the state of ny?


No states allow who to vote?


Temp agencies who hire convicted felons in California?

which temp agencies will hire felons in california?

Can convicted felons vote in Indiana?


Can felons have guns in California?


Can a Va felon vote in a state that allows felons to vote?

You can only vote in your state (and district) of residence.

Were Barack's family allowed to vote for him?

Those members of it who were citizens, and weren't felons, were allowed to. (I'm not implying that any of them are felons, just saying that felons aren't allowed to vote; I know some of his family members are not US citizens, so they wouldn't have been allowed to vote either.)

Can you vote if incarcerated in prison?

Maine and Vermont are the only states that allow convicted felons to vote while in prison. (by absentee ballot) Other states allow convicted felons to vote after they served their terms and in some states they lose their right to vote permanently.

Can convicted felons vote in georgia?

Depends if they are currently in jail

Can convicted felons vote in new york?

Yes, convicted felons can vote in the State of New York if they are no longer in jail and no longer on parole. In other words, if you committed a felony, came out of jail, and you are no longer on parole, you can vote. Thing is, the ex-offender must re-register to vote. Plus, because this not common knowledge in New York, most convicted felons believe that they have lost the right to vote forever. Disenfranchising American felons is allowed in some states, but not New York State.

In Michigan can you be convicted of a felony and vote?

Convicted felons DO have the right to vote in MI, unless you are confined to prison.

Do democratic societies allow felons to vote?

It depends on the particular group.

Can convicted felons vote in any elections?

I just know they can in Ohio

Who is forbidden to vote?

Certain persons are not eligible to vote- non-citizens, minors, and persons that have lost the right to vote (convicted felons, etc)

What agencies help felons in California?

California has several agencies available to help felons throughout the state obtain employment. Some of these agencies include the California Employment Development Department and the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency.

What US State has the most felons?

That would be California.

Can felons vote?

That depends on which state they reside in. Some allow felons to vote even while incarcerated, while others never restore voting rights, even after the sentence is completed. A bill called the Democracy Restoration Act has recently been introduced in Congress, to make restoration of voting rights to ex-felons a nationwide matter.Felons lose their right to vote upon conviction in most states. However, once their sentence has been served, they have the right to apply to restore the right to vote.

Is a prisoner allowed to vote?

No. People cannot vote while incarcerated. Although, contrary to popular belief, felons can vote once they are released from prison.