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Q: Can freezing temperatures kill surface germs?
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Does freezing temperatures kill c diff spores?


Does hot or cold temperatures kill bacteria?

hot water can not exactly kill germs and cold wter does not have a chance but boiling water can kill all the germs

Does warm temperatures kill germs?

no. they like living at i think it was 36oC

Will freezing temperatures kill germs on a toothbrush in a sealed zip locked bag?

"Heat will most definitely kill germs but freezing them won't do the trick- in the same way a frozen fish could spring back to life when put back into water. You could just be preserving them. Enzymes are at work in germs and these are denatured by extreme heat but cooling them might only be slowing them down. Freezing does prevent their multiplication if the temp is at 0°F or less. When thawed, the surviving organisms can multiply again."

What reduces germs on the surface but doesn't kill the germs?

Sanitation methods clan and reduce germs on the surface but do not kill the germs. That's why it is very important to read the labels on all your cleaning supplies, because on most of them they're two sets of directions one is for disinfecting (which will kill most germs) and the cleaning which doesn't kill any it just removes the dirt.

Is ice germ free?

No, if the water that was used to make up the ice contained germs then the ice will still contain these germs - freezing does not kill germs it simply stops them multiplying

How long will it take to sanitize sofa pillows and kill germs by freezing them?

Never, because many micro organisms can live at sub zero temperatures and some can remain latent for years and can again reproduce on the onset of favourable conditions.

Can wrapping in a plastic bag and freezing new clothing kill cold germs from people handling them in a department store?


Does ammonia kill germs?

I f Ammonia products don't claim on their labels that they kill germs, it's because they can NOT kill germs.

Are bacteria killed by freezing?

Yes, bacteria can survive freezing temperatures. Freezing isn't a sure-fire way to kill the bacterial population in the food. The only thing freezing will do is halt the multiplication of bacteria however thawing will resume the process.

What germs do you kill in boiled water?

When you boil water, you will kill all germs that are in it.

What would not help a saguaro survive in the desert?

Too much water or temperatures below freezing can damage or kill a saguaro cactus.