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NO! Friction con not speed up an object but it can slow down one. :)

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Does friction speed up an object?

Friction does not speed up an object; it creates drag and slows it down.

Friction will never speed up an object?

Yes, Friction will never speed up an object because friction slows objects down.

True or false friction will never speed up an object?

False. Friction can speed up an object. For example if you have a wheel, make it spin and then put it on a surface it will speed up. Friction is the force that speeds it up!

Will friction ever speed up an object?


Can friction speed an object up?


Why does friction never speed up an object?

You may be thinking of drag instead of friction. Friction between the floor and your foot increases your speed.

What effect does friction have on the speed of an object?

more friction = less speed

Does the force of friction cause an object to slow or speed up?

Friction will cause objects to slow down.

Why does friction never speed an object up?

Because friction is when an object resists to another object moving on it, slowing it down. Usually the energy of the moving object is converted to thermal energy.

Is it true or false that friction acts to speed up the motion of an object?


Will friction speed up an object?

Friction will never increase the velocity (speed) of an object acting upon it. When an object slides across a solid surface, the interaction between the molecules from the surface and the object creates friction. Friction is a force that will act upon the object in the opposite direction. Because of this, the object will experience deceleration (slow down) and will eventually come to a complete stop.

Why friction is independent of speed?

Friction is independent of speed because an object could not be moving and still have so friction.

Does friction cause a moving object to speed up or slow down?

Slow down

Effect of speed on the force of friction?

Friction is independent of speed once an object is moving since faster does not mean more friction.

What role does friction play in the speed of an object?

It slows the object down.

What happens to motion when friction is reduced?

Since friction reduces motion, if friction is reduced then motion should require less force. If friction is suddenly removed then the object will speed up.

How friction decreases d speed of an moving object?

friction is nothing but just the opposite force acting on any moving object...... it hence decreases the speed of a moving object as the object is obstructed in its path

Is friction the speed of an object?

No, friction is the force between to objects created by gravity.

How does the force of friction for a sliding object vary with speed?

The friction can make you slow down , but if you lose friction you will go at a faster rate of speed

Example of ways increasing friction?

Friction can be increased by reducing the speed of the moving object. Friction can also be increased by increasing the weight of the moving object.

Can gravity and friction speed up and slow down and change the direction of an object?

GravityGravity can do all three to an object, the best example of this would be tossing a ball straight up in the air: 1) It initially slows down to a halt at the highest point of ascent, 2) Then speeds up as it falls 3) And of course it changes directions at the top. FrictionFriction, however, is a different matter. Friction that deals with motion (dynamic friction) always acts in the opposite direction of motion; therefore, it cannot accelerate an object in the same direction as it is moving. Due to this, friction can only slow down an object. Can it reverse the direction of motion? Since it cannot speed up an object, it cannot make an object move after friction has slowed it down to a standstill like gravity can from the example above. Thus, in conclusion: gravity can slow down, speed up an object and change its direction; however, friction can only slow down an object.

URGENT Can resistances speed up moving objects as well as slowing them down?

Yes. For example, if you place an object on a moving conveyor belt, the friction between the object and the conveyor belt will speed it up.

How does friction change the speed of moving object?

Slows it.

Does friction work to speed up or slow down an object?

Usually, friction will slow an object down. Here is a counter-example: if you drop something on a conveyor belt (or a similar moving object), friction between the object and the conveyor belt will make the object speed up, until it reaches the speed of the conveyor belt. Two details are worth noting: 1. In the above example, you can also say that the object still slows down, if you take its speed in relation to the conveyor belt. 2. In any case, energy is wasted, in the sense that kinetic energy is converted into heat.

What is friction affected by?

Friction can be affected by the size, weight and material of an object and the speed at which it is moving. It can also be affected by what the object is moving against.