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Q: Can ginseng grow in AZ
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Does wild ginseng grow in AZ?


Which plants grow from roots?


What color is Ginseng in the winter?

Ginseng does not grow in the winter. It dies off. Check out! It has everything about ginseng... the laws,ppl who buy it,they sell seeds and plants,and they have a forum where ppl talk about ginseng! its great!

Does ginseng grow in ct?

Yes! I work with a fella that lived there for almost 25 years and hunted it every season! Ginseng is one of the herbs that the wildcrafters hunted for in "Where the Lillies Bloom," and it grows throughout Appalachia, including Tennessee.

Where does ginseng grow in Texas?

Ginseng does not grow in Texas according to the natural range maps. If there is any it would most likely be at the northern most edge of east Texas or the panhandle.

What vegetables grow well in AZ?


What is the difference between Korean ginseng and panax ginseng and what are the efficacies of both types of ginseng?

The ginseng grown in Korea is panax ginseng.

Can ginseng grow your hair?

it depends on what color your hair is... tell me what color of hair that you are reffering to by emailing it to me @

Can you grow fig trees in Phoenix AZ?

absolutely! they can get huge!

What kind of food crop other than Rice is grown in South Korea?

They grow a bit of everything but the most crops they grow is rice and a kind of herb called ginseng.

What do you call ginseng in Hindi?

Ginseng is ASHWAGANDHA in Hindi.

What is the Latin name of Korean ginseng?

Panax ginseng, the species from which Chinese, Korean, red and white ginseng are produced. A member of the Araliaceae family, which also includes American ginseng.