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well great blue herons do live in thunder bay in the east end by the back bridge there is a blue heron living there it has babes nesting well me n a friend were walking around there then all of a sudden this bird flys right over our head it was cool. but it only comes out right around 9:00am.

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Q: Can great blue herons live in thunder bay?
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How old does the great blue live to?

Great blue herons can live to about 15 years.

What is the great blue herons job in its environment?

to live

What states do great blue herons live in?

Most of the lower 48 states.

What do herons birds need to live?

Mainly, the great blue heron needs a place to live.Such as a nest.

Were do herons sleep?

Great Blue Herons live in nest colonys in the tops of evergreen trees, they fly back to these colonys every evening and feed their young and presumably sleep.

Where do Great Blue Heron's live?

Common over much of North America, great blue herons can be found around lakes, rivers, swamps, and coastal marshes. Sometimes visits ornamental fish ponds near homes.

How long do blue herons stay together?

It actually depends. One heron is 25 years old!

What kind of habitat do blue harons?

Blue herons and the Lesser Blue Herons are prevalent where I live. They like shallow fresh water ponds or lakes where there are a lot of fish for them to eat. Since herons hunt by sight, murky water is not very helpful for them, as they cannot see the fish.

What kind of shelter do herons live in?

herons live in nests by the water

Where do great white herons live?

No. The great white heron is actually a race of the great blue heron, found in the Florida Keys, Cuba, Yucatan. However, the slightly smaller great egret is found there, and is a large white heron as well. Egrets are herons.

Are blue herons around the whole world?

Most blue herons live in North American and Central America. But some are in the West Indies and the Galapagos Islands. They are rarely seen in Europe, and have never been seen in Africa.

Do great blue herons fly south?

Yes, great blue herons do fly south for the winter for a warmer climate when the temperature goes down in the north. They live all year, though, in southern Canada all the way through southern Mexico.