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No rabbits can not get along with dogs because dogs will bark at them and try to eat them and rabbits will get scared.

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Q: Can greyhounds live with rabbits
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What is a greyhounds time?

Do you mean their lifespan? If so, on average they live for around ten years if pedigree. I myself have greyhounds, two of which have lived to 12 and 13, but most live to about ten years of age. If they are crossbreeds they can live longer.

What ecosystem are rabbits in?

most rabbits live in woods in North America, jack rabbits live in deserts.

How many greyhounds live in the US?

there is a lot more than i can count

What content do rabbits live in?

Wild rabbits live in burrows.

What climate do rabbits live?

Some rabbits live in cold places like New Zealand rabbits, but some live in warm places like dwarf rabbits

Does rabbits have live babies?

Yes, rabbits are mammals. They have live babies.

Do rabbits live in praries?

Yes, most of those rabbits that live in the prairies are jack rabbits. Rabbits live all over the world, well, except the rain forest.

What are arctic rabbits?

Rabbits that live in the Arctic.

Does a rabbit live in a barn?

Rabbits can live in barns. Some breeders keep their rabbits in barns, or they can also live in barns if a family member is allergic to rabbits. However, it is best to keep rabbits inside. Indoor rabbits tend to be healthier and live longer.

What kind of rabbits live in the desert?

No, cottontail rabbits do not live in the desert. The desert does not support the lifestyle of the cottontail rabbit.

In what place do rabbits live?

Wild rabbits live in burrows which are tunnels underground.

Where do the rabbits live?

RAbbits usually live anywhere where there is grass and trees and bushes.