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Can guinea pigs eat bread?


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Yes,why not? My guinea pigs eat it many a time.

Siberian guinea pigs eat the same things as other guinea pigs, hay (as their 'daily bread'), grains, grass, carrots and cucumber.

guinea pigs can have small amounts of bread (or toast) every once in a while as a treat.

No guniea pigs cant they cannot have any type on bread product at all.

Not bread as such. Very few guinea-pigs like toast, but not bread, no.

Yes. They can eat wheat bread. But do not feed them too much or they can get fat.

Hay,Carrots,Paprika,and more. I don't no what your guinea pigs like to eat. But guinea pigs may Veggies and fruit,bread and more. Don't give your guinea pigs something that sweet is.

They can eat honey on treats and they can eat a dried beagle but I don't know if they can eat bread. Beagles and bread are the same things so I am pretty sure that they can eat bread.

yes they can have oats and cheerios... but they cannot have bread

You eat guinea pigs in Australia, but only dumb people eat guinea pigs

Guinea pigs eat twice a day.

no, guinea pigs dont eat meat.

no. guinea pigs dont eat their young.

Guinea Pigs are not endangered and are bread in millions all over the world

No, guinea pigs are vegetarians.

Sometimes only dumb guinea pigs do

NO THEY WILL CHOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the contry where they eat guinea pigs is in PERU

no guinea pigscan not eatrosemary itmakes them sick

No Guinea pigs eat veggies like lettuce.

No. They are herbivores.

No, guinea pigs should not eat human food.

yes guinea pigs do get along with pigs and they wont eat the guinea pig. does this answer your question?

They can eat biscuits but it must be vegetable taste or just plain bread. NO DOG TREATS!

Pigs will eat anything. They are scavengers.

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