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Can guinea pigs eat capsicum seeds?


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No, do not give your guinea pigs seeds, it is one of the poisonous things they cannot have!

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guinea pigs can't eat seeds such as capsicum seeds,apple seeds........ They can NOT eat onions or anything in the onion family. Guinea pigs can eat vegetables and fruit but the fruit can only be a once a week treat like if you had strawberries you only give them a small amount each week. I hope I helped.

NO THEY WILL CHOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no they can not tat would just kill them

No, guinea pigs can easily choke on pomegranite seeds.

yes guinea pigs do eat pumpkin seeds. but i would buy it in the food not from a pumpkin :)

yes guinea pigs can eat green or red peppers as long as you mean capsicum hope this helps

YES...................... but only the seeds

Seeds are good for guinea pigs in moderation. They should not eat these as a single source of food. Green leafy vegetables should be fed along with the seeds.

they eat seedless grapes so no

Guinea pigs should not eat sweet pepper seeds, due to the amount of capsaicin they contain. Whenever you give sweet peppers to a guinea pig, make sure you remove all the seeds.

Yes. Guinea pigs can eat pumpkin. They can eat the flesh but they prefer the peel. They won't eat much of it so take out what's left after a day. Also, avoid the putting pumpkin seeds in the cage because guinea pigs can get their teeth stuck in the seeds.

yes they can eat cucumber its good for them as well as capsicum carrot apple and many more:)

NO! Guinea pigs can't eat sunflower seeds! IT'S BAD FOR THEM!

yes. as long as the seeds are removed.

Yes! But your pig might not eat it because all guinea pigs have different food preferences.Great AnswerNot HelpfulReport

Walnuts are not good for Guinea pigs as they do not digest fatty foods like nuts or seeds well.

yes they can.... my guinea pigs food comes with sunflower seeds in all the kibble... so YES!

Cucumber seeds are soft and moist so yes they are edible

are you retarded to be asking this no offense cause guinea pigs cant eat that kinda food they eat like carrots peppers without seeds do you expect a guinea pig to eat that haha that's ridiculous

No, guinea pigs cannot eat hamster or gerbil food, because they're not hamsters or gerbils. Guinea pigs can eat guinea pig food that doesn't contain any seeds, nuts, grains, milk or coloured bits.

There are lots of animals that eat seeds, such as birds & Squirrels - Caged Animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats & mice

no guinea pigs do not eat bread

You eat guinea pigs in Australia, but only dumb people eat guinea pigs

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