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Yes, actually they can. It is less common in men than women but it is possible. Women are more likely to get a yeast infection because the vaginal area stays moist and it can allow bacteria to form, creating a yeast infection. One of the most common ways a man can get a yeast infection is through contact of a vagina that has a yeast infection.

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Q: Can guys have yeast infections
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Do guys get yeast infections more than girls?

No because guys dont get yeast infections

Do transsexuals get yeast infections?

They can. Both men and women get yeast infections.

What is diflucan prescribed for?

It is used to treat vaginal yeast infections.

How can you tell if a man has a yeast infection?

A man that has a yeast infections may experience burning, itching or a rash around the penis. Yeast infections are not considered STD's , Never the less unprotected sex may mean a pardner can catch it as well. Yeast infections can be caused by a course of antibiotics that kills off the friendly flora in the gut. When that happens, candida albican can form, the infection that is responsible for yeast infections. Yeast infections treated with medications such as Monistat, which can be used by men and women.

Do hives have anything to do with yeast infections?


Well zithromax treat a yeast infection?

No, Zithromax treats bacterial infections. It is not effective against fungal infections like yeast.

Does lexapro cause vaginal yeast infections?

No, yeast causes yeast infections, Lexapro may predispose you to being susceptible to the infection so follow good hygiene practices.

What is nystatin oral suspension?

nystatin is a polyene antifungal drug to which molds and yeast infections are sensitive to it is commonly used to treat yeast infections, thrush, and gastrointestinal fungal infections.

Can you get a disease from yeast?

No. Yeast infections in people are caused by a completely different organizm from the yeast used in food.

Do you have to be sexual active to have a yeast infection?

No, yeast infections are not thought to be sexually transmitted.

Is candida albicans the species?

It is a species of yeast known to cause yeast infections.

Does yeast grown on the human body?

Yes... That's how people get yeast infections!