Can guys use maxi pads

Updated: 11/6/2022
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Males don't menstruate so they don't use panty pads like girls,however if they develop urinary incontience there are pads that can be placed in underwear .

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Q: Can guys use maxi pads
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Could a boy use a girl's maxi pads?

Yes, but why?

Who invented maxi pads?

Max Ipad

What is the average number maxi pads a woman uses during one period?

The average woman will use 15,000 pads or tampons in her menstruating life.

Do the maxi pad hold the most liquid?

The most absorbent pads are normally overnight pads, rather than maxi pads. Disposable pads will only hold up to 15ml, you might want to consider cloth pads which can come in higher absorbencies and have other benefits.

Is it okay 4 a guy 2 wear maxi pads?

A guy can wear as many maxi pads as he wants - they serve no practical function for a guy, so it's all about his wants and comfort.

Iam a guy you love 2 wear panties and kotex maxi pads are you gay?

If a guy loves to do that and then have sex with other guys, then yes, he's gay. Otherwise he's just weird.

What should you ge to be prepared 4 your period?

The most important item would be maxi pads. If you never had a period, maxi pads are easier to use than tampons. Tylenol, Motrin or Pamprin for cramps would be a good thing to have too. Have extra underwear and extra toilet paper on hand too.

What pranks can you play on people with fake blood?

maxi pads... they also stick which helps.

What should you do if you just had your period?

Tell your parent or Guardian about it and get yourself some some MAXI PADS at your local store. Make sure to take care of your hygiene and change your pads frequently to prevent any infections or bad odors. The most popular Maxi PADS used are from the brand ALWAYS. They guarantee you full protection all day long.

Who are the singers with Maxi priest singing Some Guys Have All The Luck?

Jeff Fortgang wrote "Some Guys Have All the Luck." When Maxi Priest did a version of this song, he sang it by himself. Other people who sang that song are The Persuaders and Rod Stewart.

What does maximus padus mean?

maximus padus means maxi pads in latin.. according to the Maine comedian Bob Marley

What is the best brand of pads that kids use?

No matter if its your beginning or your using pads for years, your pads has to be organic and compostable .Anandi pads are the ones who will server every purpose of yours in terms of safety and health .Anandi pads are India's First & Only Certified100% Compostable and Organic Pad ,certified Compostable as per ISO-17088.Anandi is made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton top layer, Plant-based Bio-Super Absorbent from natural sources. Anandi Pads, wrappers, disposal bags are certified compostable as per IS/ISO-17088 international compostable standard.