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Yes, haiku can end with a question. Although traditional haiku usually do not include punctuation, modern interpretations may use a question mark at the end to convey a sense of contemplation or uncertainty.

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Q: Can haiku end with a question?
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Where is the second haiku in the fortress on Red Dragon island?

In section 2 of the Fortress, the haiku is near the end. The key is along the left wall. (see related question)

When did Haiku Studios end?

Haiku Studios ended in 1997.

What is the haiku usually written in?

Haiku are made of words march in three lines: five, seven, five. and at end wisdom..

Can a haiku end with a question mark?

Traditionally, haikus do not end with punctuation marks, including question marks. Haikus typically consist of three lines with a specific syllable pattern (5-7-5) and focus on capturing a moment or feeling in nature. However, modern haikus may bend these rules for stylistic effect.

What is haikuestion?

Haikuestion is a creative writing form that combines a haiku and a question. It typically consists of three lines following the syllable structure of 5-7-5, with the last line posing a question. It can be a fun and engaging way to provoke thought and reflection.

What is haiku in Spanish?

Haiku in spanish is Haiku

Can a riot be quiet?

I think this is such a wonderful question. works like a haiku in my brain. But to help you with your question -

is this how you spell haiku or is this how you spell haicku?

Haiku is the correct spelling. A haiku is a type of Japanese poem.

What were the first Haiku about?

=A haiku is awsome=

Is the word haiku singular or plural?

The word "haiku" is singular and also plural. You can say "a haiku" or "many haiku."

Where did haiku start from?

haiku started from Japanese

What country does Haiku poems come from?

Trick question: it comes from the moon. Just kidding, it originates from Japan