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If they are in a cage together, I would say no; if in a coop id say yes. Space is the answer.

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Q: Can hens ducks and quail live together?
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Can quail and bantams live together?

Bantams and Quail live well together and Bantams make excellent surrogate mothers for quail chicks and will teach them to be aware of predators.

Can turkeys live with hens?

Yes, turkeys and hens get along quite well together.

Can male ducks live together?

Male ducks, called drakes, can live together, but it is better if you have one drake and a couple females.

We have 9 chick hens and 2 male ducks- live together since born it's 6 months later and our peking ducks getting the hens down biting the hens necks.Are they trying to hurt them as chicken never yell.?

No. they are not trying to hurt them. The drakes see the hens as "their flock" they are all coming into mating age. They are trying to make the hens submissive. It will not result in anything but a few ruffled feathers and some loud quakes and clucks but they will catch on soon enough and stop bothering the hens. Getting a rooster will also put an end to the ducks confused cross species behavior.

Can rabbits and quail live together?

yes as long as you are not breeding the rabbits or quail they should get along well

Can ducks and chickens live together?


Can chickens live with different animals instead of chickens?

Yes! They can live with many other kinds of animals. I would recommend that you not put them with Guinea Hens, or Ducks though. The guinea hens stress chickens out so that they stop laying eggs, and ducks can carry several diseases that, while not bad for the ducks, are fatal to chickens.

Can chickens ducks and rabbits live happily together?

Yes. For the most part the ducks usually do fine with hens and both can and do ignore the rabbits. Any conflicts usually result in a quick squabble and everyone goes off to separate corners.

Can chickens and quails live together in a coop?

It is not a good idea to house chickens and quail together. The chickens will try to eat the quail and the quail will try to get out of the coop, never to be seen again.

What types of birds live near ponds?

Waterbirds and wading birds such as ducks, moorhens and swamp hens live near ponds.

Can peacocks live with hens?

Yes, but chances are slim that they both will live together.

Can ducks and birds live together?

Only on Tuesdays

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