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No, hunters can however wear medium and light armor.

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Q: Can hunters in lord of the rings online wear heavy armor?
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What are 10 types of medieval armor?

Padded armor - basically heavy cloth (wool or burlap) or light leather stuffed with wool or straw.Leather Armor - heavy leather in layers.Bezainted armor - leather armor with rings or plates sewn to itStudded leather - leather armor with riveted studs attachedLamellar armor - leather armor with overlapping metal strips riveted to it OR metal strips attached with rings to each otherScale mail - small overlapping metal plates (looks like snake scales)Ring mail - small interlocking iron ringsreinforced chain or heavy mail - small interlocking iron rings in a double or triple interlocking weave.Plate mail - reinforced mail with plates attached at strategic placesbreast plate - solid plate protecting the chest held on either by an interlocking back plate or leather straps.Half plate armor - reinforced mail with a breastplate, greaves, vambraces, pauldrons and gauntletsFull plate armor - every vulnerable part of body is covered with steel plateHelm - head protectionShield

What does armour do in lord of the rings strategy battle game?

It increases the defence of the model with the armor, respective of the type of armor.

What are the metal rings called that medieval knights have on their armor?

Chain mail

The Layer of armor made up of interlocking steel rings was called?


What type of armor was made of tiny steel rings?

metal ring armour

Does Lord of the Rings online give you viruses?

Lord of the Rings online will not give you a virus.

What kind of armor would a christian wear in the crusades?

During the Crusades, Christian knights typically wore chain mail armor, which was made of interlocking metal rings. They also wore a helmet, shield, and sometimes plate armor for added protection. Additionally, some knights wore a surcoat with a cross on it to distinguish themselves as Christian soldiers.

Do you have to pay monthly fees for Lord of the Rings online?

You do not have to pay fees to play Lord of the Rings online.

What kind of armour did the people in the middle age wear?

At the very beginning of the Middle Ages, they wore the same armor the Romans did, or they wore the armor of the Germanic tribes, which was rather a combination of things, but largely a copy of Roman armor. As time went by, they adopted scale armor that was a combination of rings and strips of steel plate sewn to leather, called ring mail and scale armor. Later yet, they used chain mail, in which the rings interlocked, and developed plate armor, in which the pieces of steel plate conformed to larger parts of the body.

Is Lord of the Rings online game a spam?

Lord of the Rings Online is a constantly developing MMORPG, and certainly not a spam. :)

Can someone List online Lord of the Rings online games?

The only official mmo Lord of the Rings game is from Turbine, Inc. , known as Lord of the Rings Online. The official website is

Why does Lord of the Rings Conquest stop online play?

Lord of the Rings Conquest can be played single player or online. Online play is available for free.