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Hi yea, I am able to play GTA IV at about 35 frames per second witch is not excellent but an enjoyable performance with my GeForce 8600GT, 3gb transcend RAM and Vista SP1.. I can set the texture quality at medium and rest on high.. But you will need 2 tweak your CPU a bit (I had 2). Use Dual core center to do this for safe performance, just use the D.O.T. technology and it'd work just fine.. Just check that your E2180 doesn't run above 60-65'C.. Otherwise you will shorten it's lifespan.. This I've done for some while now without any malfunctions and any extra fans or cooling, witch might also be a good idea if you could get hold of some..

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The minimum processor requirements are 1.8 ghz so you should be albe to play it fine if you have a GPU like geforce GT 9500.

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yes but with low and a better graphique card

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Q: Can i run gta 4 on dual core processor E2180 2ghz?
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