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Can i terminate child support if the case hasn't started?


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May 13, 2012 5:36PM

I see several answers that are not exactly true. Those answers say, there is no statutory limitation on collection of child support. If the accrual of child support ensued before the enactment of the Bradley Amendment, then there was a statute of limitations. the Bradley Amendment wiped out state's statute of limitations and pays cse agencies to collect child support. the more they collect, the more they receive from the federal government. The CSE agencies are generally corrupt and not impartial; their power should be challenged because of their bias. So, in a case that I am working on, some 50 years after a divorce, CSE filed a lien in an amount of $105k+, which was totally bogus, but if one submits themselves to their jurisdiction, the courts rubber stamp whatever they do. However, the Bradley Amendment runs afoul of the constitution when it tries to wipe out a statute of limitation that has already ran. Today, there is no limitation due to the Bradley Amendment, but in erstwhile years, the statute may bar collection of some, or all of past due child support, depending on the year of the divorce.