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Of course. It all depends on when a woman ovulates. I ovulate 2 or 3 days after my period ends.

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Q: Can implantation happen 8 days after your period ends?
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Can implantation bleeding occur 2 days after your period ends?

No, it can't. Implantation bleeding occurs when you don't get a period, and your body is actually pregnant. You are not pregnant.

If your period is four days early and ends in three days is that implantation bleeding?

This could definetly be implantation bleeding if unprotected sex has taking place 10 -14 days before. Implantation bleeding should be much different to a period its alot lighter and only lasts a few hours. If its just like a normal period clotty and dark red then its likely to be an early period expecially if your periods are irregular, if your still in doubt do a home pregnancy test two days after your period would have been due you shoud get an accurate result.

Is the egg still in you 4 days after a period ends?


Can you get pregnant 3 days after you period ends?


Can a girl get pregnant two days after period ends?


Can a 53 year old get pregnant who has not had a period in 10 years?

If you'll forgive the "anything can happen" malarkey, not likely at all. Once the uterine cycle ends, there's no place for a fertilized egg to implant. Without implantation there can be no pregnancy.

How many days after your period ends are you supposed to have another?

usually 31 days, (month)

What are the chances a girl is pregnant if she gets her period late and it ends early?

I have before my period, I start my period for 3 days then My period was stop after my period for 3 days, I want to know what happened to me?

What does it mean when your period ends early?

There is no set number of days a period, sometimes they are shorter and sometimes they are longer

Can you get pregnant sixteen days after your period ends?

Nope. In general, you can only get pregnant if you are ovulating.

Do you get pregnant 28 days after the first day of you last period or the last day?

Neither, about a week after your period ends is normal.

Do you count 28 days from when your period ends or starts?

Menstrual cycles usually recur 28 days from the first day of your last period (meaning the "start" of your period).