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Can it hurt my dog if she takes two extra strength Tylenol?

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Quote from the Related Link: "Dogs, particularly small dogs, can also experience significant tissue damage from as little as two regular strength acetaminophen tablets. Signs of distress can appear quickly, especially if the dose is repeated, including salivation, vomiting, weakness, and abdominal pain." It is not recommended to give any animal a medicine that is for humans without a veterinarian prescribing it for the animal.

2008-08-16 01:46:51
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Will it hurt a 10 pound dog to eat 12 extra strength Tylenol?

Hopefully, you sought immediate treatment. Acetaminophen poisoning in a dog that small is life threatening and long term would damage the liver.

Will 5000 mg Tylenol in 24 hrs hurt you?

I know that it didn't hurt me

Do spacers for braces hurt?

For some people, not at all. For others, it can feel sore. Taking Advil or Tylenol usually takes care of any pain.

Will 5000mg of Tylenol taken in 13 hours hurt me?


Does over dosing on advil or Tylenol hurt?


How much Tylenol will hurt a dog?

You should not give your dog any Tylenol. Tylenol is toxic to dogs. You can give the dog regular aspirin for pain.

Is it safe to take Vicodin and Tylenol together?

No never take extra tylonal when taking vicodin. vicodin already contains tylonal. More tylonal will hurt your liver and kill you.

What will happen if you take 1 hydrocodone pill and 1 Tylenol pill?

Most hydrocodone tablets, such as vicodin and norco, include Tylenol as one of the active ingredients. ONE extra Tylenol probably wouldn't hurt, but Tylenol can be very hard on your liver. Don't take too much! Hydrocodone can be addictive, and must only be taken while under a doctor's care. Overdoses can kill you.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant can I take Vicodin?

No! The only type of pain reliever you can safely take at all while being pregnant, whether you're 5 weeks or 8 months or anywhere in-between is extra strength tylenol! You SHOULD NOT take vicodin. It will hurt the development of the fetus and could cause miscarriage.

How many Tylenol 1 equal percocet?

None, and don't take over 1000 mgs of Tylenol you can hurt yourself.

Tylenol pm with Aleve?

usally wont hurt you but wouldent sujest it

IS there a way to make your teeth not hurt with spacers?

use some Tylenol

What can you take when your ovaries hurt?

Just take a tylenol. I went to my doctor for this and she just said your ovaries hurt because of your period.

Will Tylenol thin your bloode?

No Answer Not only is Tylenol not a blood thinner, but it also won't hurt your stomach which Anacin and Asprin will do if you take too many of either of them.

Can taking 2 Tylenol every night hurt you?

yes you will grow a second set of genitalia

Do springs for braces hurt?

YES! For a couple days. Take Tylenol or Advil & it'll help with the pain.

Why do your hands hurt and have no strength?

There are a few reasons why hands might hurt and they might be lacking strength. A doctor will check for things such as arthritis and auto-immune diseases while making the diagnoses.

Can liver be damaged from overdose Tylenol?

Yes it can.. It can hurt your liver over time also if you take it daily for years

Can you take Tylenol while taking Aleve?

It won't hurt, just don't take more than directed.

What are the consequences of taking Tylenol with codeine that has long expired?

Nothing. It loses potency over 10 years, but will not hurt you.

When you have strep through does it hurt to swallow?

yes really bad but you should take some Tylenol and see your doctor

Can you mix Advil with codeine?

codiene as a pain relieverusually codiene is already mixed with a pain reliever, like Tylenol. (Tylenol #3 is Tylenol with codiene) to add advil would probably do you no better, and might even contribuite to a stomach ache. But if you already did it, it won't hurt you.

Your spacers hurt what can you do?

You can take Tylenol to help ease the pain, but don't worry, it should go after about three days! I don't know about others, but I know that Tylenol helped me and honey did too! I don't know if it was because I took honey about an hour after taking Tylenol, but my pain eased.

I am getting spacers today do they hurt and what pain reliever should I take?

They can be uncomfortable, but acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) will handle it. Remember not to drink alcohol when you are taking Tylenol because of possible liver damage.

Why would pregnancy hurt torn meniscus?

Miniscus is located in the knee. Maybe the extra weight of fetus would have an extra effect on the pain of a torn miniscus. Unlike other parts of the knee meniscus has some capability of healing, a little extra weight shouldn't hurt it, maybe you hurt it some other way.