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Can jaguars have twins?

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Yes, Jaguars can have twins. Yes, Jaguars can have twins.

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What is a collective noun for jaguars?

The collective nouns for jaguars are:a leap of jaguarsa prowl of jaguars

Do jaguars eat jaguars?


What is is group of jaguars called?

a group of jaguars are called prowl or a leap of jaguars

Where do jaguars migrate?

Jaguars do not migrate.

How do jaguars get diseases?

by other jaguars

Why is the jaguars in danger?

the jaguars weigh about female jaguars weigh about 170 to 190 pounds and the male jaguars weigh about 175 to 225 pounds.

Can jaguars swim?

Yes Jaguars Can swim

Do jaguars eat insects?

no. jaguars are carnivores.

How did jaguars become extinct?

Jaguars are not extinct.

Are there black jaguars?

Yes, there are black jaguars.

Are jaguars vertabrates?

Yes jaguars are vertabrates.

How do Jaguars Move?

jaguars move very fast and powerfull jaguars are slow they r not slow

What do jaguars like to do?

jaguars love to run around and play rough with one another jaguars

How many babies do jaguars have?

Jaguars usually have about 3-6 cubs.Jaguars usually have about 3-6 cubs.Jaguars usually have about 3-6 cubs.

Do jaguars eat kinkajous?

Jaguars do eat kinkajous because kinkajous have meat. Jaguars are meat eaters. In conclusion, jaguars do not eat plants, only animals.

Do jaguars live in the Amazon?

Yes, the highest concentration of jaguars is in the Amazon.

Do male jaguars look different from female jaguars?

the jaguars do not look different but there's a size difference

What do jaguars eat jaguars?

Some jaguars have parkinson's disease so the gold novas eat the silvers

Do jaguars eat bears?

No. Bears are not where jaguars live.

Do jaguars eat lemurs?

No. There are no jaguars on the island of Madagascar.

Do jaguars have stripes?

Jaguars do not have stripes, they have a kind of spots.

Do jaguars eat plants?

No. Jaguars are meat eaters.

How do jaguars impact the environment?

what is jaguars impact on the world

Are jaguars in captivity?

There are jaguars in captivity, numbers are unknown.

Do jaguars live in Florida?

Yes there are Jaguars in Florida