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Yes, it is possible that kids could get nose cancer. Everyone can get cancer at any age. if you think you have nose cancer, please visit with your doctor.

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Q: Can kids get nose cancer
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What happens to your nose during nose cancer?

im not sure i just typed in this question as i have a lump inside my nose, im rather scared it could be nose cancer! <3

Why is nose cancer less popular than lung cancer?

Well because lung cancer is caused by smoking and over 85% of the population smokes and nose cancer is not.

What is the survival rate after recurrence of nose cancer?

There are many types of cancer which can effect the nose; without knowing exact details it is impossible to answer.

What is stage one of cancer?

CAn cerivcal cancer stop me from having kids in the futher? CAn cerivcal cancer stop me from having kids in the futher? CAn cerivcal cancer stop me from having kids in the futher?

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Can you die from skin cancer on your nose?


Can you get cancer if you smoke and have your nose pierced?

Yes you can. Piercings don't stop you from getting cancer.

Can kids have their nose reshaped?

yes they can

If you pick your nose and eat your buger will you get lunge cancer?


Can kids get cancer?

Yes, anyone of any age can get cancer.

Can smoking give you nose cancer?

you can smoke a cigarette,and people take smoke out of their nose instead of their mouth

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Aloisio Medeiros has written: 'Nose and viral cancer' -- subject(s): Cancer, DNA Tumor Viruses, Etiology, Nose Neoplasms, Therapy, Nose, Viral carcinogenesis, Tumor Virus Infections