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Can laughter improve your health?

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That's what some researchers are claiming. It's a fact that laughter (like exercise) can release endorphines that will make you feel better. Most researchers feel 10 good belly laughs a day keeps you in good mental and physical condition. However, I think 10 belly laughs a day is hard to come by these days, but at least try for 2 or 3!

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How does laughter affect your health?

It's good for your health.

Improve Emotional Health With Laughter?

Emotional health plays an important role in overall well being. People who are mentally and emotionally healthy feel better about themselves and about life. Generally, they are content in their relationships and enjoy living, and they know how to have fun and relax. Laughter is one of the best ways to obtain emotional health. It relaxes the body, and helps relieve tension which can lead to many health problems such as heart disease or a stroke.

Will ozone bagging improve health or harm your health?

Ozone depletion will harm health. It will not improve health.

How does improve your health?

Proper diet, proper sleep and proper exercise can help to improve health.

Short speech on laughter is the best medicine?

We all love to laugh. And that is the reason that we feel so happy for a long time after we have a hearty laugh. Laughter is relaxing. Laughter can improve your creativity.Laugh every day keep the heart attack away.

How do earthworm improve the health of a garden?

Earthworms improve the health of you garden by fertilizing the soil with their waste and slime.

How does government work to improve public and community health?

How does government work to improve public and community health?

How do earthworms improve health of a garden?

Earthworms help improve the health of a garden because its feces fertilize it.

Sperm is good for health?

No, it does not help or improve health.

Why is laughter is beast medicine?

Medical science has proven that laughter is a good way to help depressed people for example. The laughter releases certain chemicals that effect the body and brain. A positive attitude is always good for good health.

In a paragraph about laughter and health what would be a good topic sentence?

Laughing is good for people.

Which international health organization focuses on educating people about ways to improve communities' health?

The World Health Organization focuses on educating people about ways to improve communities' health.

In a complete paragraph answer the following questions 1After evaluating your health triangle which area of health are you going to improve on?

After evaluating my health triangle the area of health I'm going to improve on is physical

What are good things about veterinarians?

1. Veterinarians work to improve animal health. 2. Veterinarians can significantly improve human health, particularly public health.

Is detoxification of the body scientifically proven to improve health?

This depends on what part of the body. If it is the innerbody that you are detoxifying it may not improve health and even result in death. If you are detoxifying the outerbody it might also not improve health and result in death.

Does meat improve health?

it has cookies

How do statins improve your health?


How do you improve your mental health?


What is the function of PAHO?

TO improve health and to improve living standard of people in america

Will an exercise bike improve my health?

Any form of exercise will improve your health dramatically but yes it has been shown exercise bikes can be one of the better pieces for improving your health.

A healthful diet and regular exercise will not only improve health but also lower health care costs?

A healthy diet and regular exercise will not only improve health but also lower health care cost

What is the use of percidin?

Pericidin is a drug used in cardiovascular health. This drug is commonly used improve heart health and improve the strength of contractions.

Is laughter countable or uncountable?

The noun 'laughter' is an uncountable noun. Units of laughter are expressed in amounts such as some laughter, a lot of laughter, much laughter, etc.

Why do Americans get in shape?

To maintain or improve their health.

What are the functions of an earthworm?

improve the health of the soil

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