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Yes it does.

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How is light different from sound?

Sound is the vibration of molecules and atoms. Light is made up of things called "light quanta" or "photons." This means that sound cannot travel through a vacuum (there are obviously no molecules or atoms in a vacuum to transmit sound) but light can.

Why doesn't light travel through a vacuum?

Light does travel through a vacuum.

What is transmitting light?

Light is said to be transmitting when it is passing through any matter i.e. not through a vacuum but through a gas, liquid or solid. Light waves move at their highest speed when passing through a vacuum and slow down when passing through matter due to their interaction with the electrons around atoms, molecules or crystal lattices. Optical fibres made of special types of glass are used to transmit light signals in a similar way to copper wires used to transmit electrical signals.

Can you transmit electricity through light?


Is vacuum a medium of light?

Light can travel through vacuum, but it is not a medium.

What evidence do we have that light travel through a vacuum?

You create a vacuum in a lab, and then shine a light through it, and there is experimental proof that light travels through a vacuum. Alternatively, take the fact that light travels through space - if light could not travel through a vacuum, no light from the stars, the moon or the sun would ever reach our planet.

Where can light travel but not sound?

In a vacuum. Light can travel through outer space (Moon to Earth), but sound cannot because sound requires air to transmit the vibrations that we recognize as sounds.

What happens when light passes through vacuum?

it travels at c (speed of light in a vacuum)

Does light travel at its slowest speed when passing through a vacuum?

No, light is at its fastest in a vacuum.

How do you transmit sound waves in a vacuum?

Sound waves cannot propagate in a vacuum. Sound waves travel through matter, and a vacuum is, by definition, the absence of matter.

Can gases travel through a vacuum?

No. Only light waves can travel through a vacuum.

How fast different colors of light travel through a vacuum?

They all travel through a vacuum at the same speed - The speed of light.

What does light travel faster through?

Light travels fastest through vacuum.

Can you hear sound through a vacuum?

No. Sound depends on a medium (air, liquid, or solid) in order to transmit. A vacuum, by definition, has no molecules to do the work.

How does light pass through a vacuum?

Light acts as a particle.

When is the speed of light the fastest?

When the light is traveling through vacuum.

Can mechanical waves pass though a vacuum?

Mechanical waves can't pass through a vacuum. Mechanical waves need something to pass through. Space is generally considered a vacuum, with nothing in it to transmit a mechanical wave.

What does light go through fastest?

A vacuum.

Can electormagnetic waves travel through a vacuum?

Did you ever see light from the Sun? Light is an electromagnetic wave, and it travels through a vacuum to reach us.

What is the difference between sound and visiblle light in transmission?

Sound will propagate through any matter, but not a vacuum, light will propagate through a vacuum, but only through transparent matter.

What kind of materials transmit light?

Transparent materials fully transmit light, translucent materials partially transmit light and opaque materials do NOT transmit light.

Can light and sound travel through vacuum?

Light can. Sound can't.

Objects that transmit light easily are?

TRANSPARENT :) it means see through

Can you transmit light through a nontransparent medium?

if it is translucent, yes if it is opaque, no

Matter can absorb and reflect light?

Yes. Matter may also transmit light through it.

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