Hermit Crabs

Can live crabs eat dead crabs?

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Do fiddler crabs eat baby fiddler crabs?

No but they eat dead fiddler crabs.

Did crabs eat dead human body?

yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them!

Why do fiddler crabs live?

Fiddler crabs live because they are not dead. If they were dead, they would be dead because they are not alive. Get it now?

Can freshwater crabs eat dead shrimp?

Crabs will eat anything they can get their claws on.

Do crabs eat humans?

Crabs in the ocean eat mostly anything that they find that is edible. A live person would not be edible. A dead body of anything in the water would or could be eaten by crabs.

What do Halloween crabs eat?

Halloween crabs will eat fruit, dead fish and crab food. They are scavengers and live on the land, not the water, however, they do need access to water.

What do shellfish and crabs eat?

crabs eat anything that is dead and shellfish eats fish

Do crabs eat stingrays?

Crabs are scavengers; they will eat stingrays if the stingrays are already dead.

Can hermit crab eat guppies and what everyday foods can I give hermits?

Hermit Crabs live in sea water. Guppies are freshwater fish and will not be able to live in with hermit crabs. The crabs would no doubt eat whatever dead fish you give them.

Does crabs eat small fish?

no they eat dead fish no they eat dead fish

What do hermit crabs eat in the wild?

Hermit crabs live in the Caribbean and they are scavengers, so they eat washed up dead fish, fallen fruits such a mangoes, and climb trees to eat bugs.

What do soldier crabs eat?

Soldier Crabs eat small particles of dead plants and animals

What do blue crabs eat?

Answer: As scavengers, blue crabs typically eat carrion (including dead blue crabs) and any live sea creatures they can get their claws on. For the purpose of catching blue crabs, rotten turkey/chicken on the bone works great as bait!

Do crabs eat fish?

Crabs are opportunistic eaters and will eat almost anything they can get their claws on. Unless aggressive, crabs will usually eat algae or dead animals rather than hunting live fish or invertebrates. Crabs will only go hunting if there isn't sufficient organic material to eat (such as detritus, algae, dead animals, corals, etc.) unless the crab is aggressive and prefers hunting.

Where are starfishes in the food chain?

In the middle because the eat dead crabs,crabs eat fish,and fish eat seaweed.

What kind of food do crabs and eels eat?

Hermit crabs normaly eat fruit and dead fish.Eels eat plankton.

Can you eat blue crabs if they are dead?

no but why wold you do that

Are all crabs safe to eat?

I live in Canada and we eat Crabs and Lobsters all the time! And not ALL crabs are safe to eat! :)

What do hermit crabs eat in their natural habitat?

hermit crabs like most crabs are scavengers and will eat dead fish and marine animals.

What is a marine decomposer?

Crabs. Crabs eat dead fish, and ocean bottom remains of other dead sea organisms.

What do tanner crabs eat?

Dead or waste material.

Do crabs eat chicken?

Yes, if it's dead.

What do ocean crabs eat?

Crabs are like buzzards. what do you want scavengers. If it's dead they'll pretty much eat it.

What types of dead animals do crabs eat?

they eat the reamans of baloga whahle, dead fish and kelp

Do camels eat crabs?

No. Camels are herbivores- they eat plants. They also live on land, a long way from where crabs live in the ocean.