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It's an ambiguous question, because technically all signals are analog. The short answer is no. By asserting they are logic gates, you are supposing digital logic criteria and analysis: high impedance input, nominal output impedance, the transistor's operating regions are either saturation or cutoff, and the I/O signals are analyzed in discrete steady-states. Digital signals are applied to logic gates as the distinction of "digital" establishes the above signal criteria and circuit operation.

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Q: Can logic gates have analog input?
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Do 2 input nor gates form a complete set of logic gates?

nor as well as nand gate are universal gates they both can be used as a complete set of logic gates

How voice signal changes into text signal?

Voice being analog signal will be converted by an ADC whereby the output is a logic representation of the analog input

Draw the logic diagram of 2 to 4 line decorder with only nor gates include an enable input?

draw the logic diagram of 2 to 4 line decoder decoder using nor gates include enable input

How would you implement three-input and four-input EX-OR logic functions with the help of two input EX-OR gates?

with a circuit called a parity tree

Why XOR and XNOR gate is not known as universal gates?

All other logic gates can be made using XOR and XNOR, but to get NOT, you need to do (input) XOR 1 or (input) XNOR 0, but with NAND, you don't need 1: (input) NAND (input).

What is Combination logic circuit?

The combinational logic circuits are a type of logic circuits containing only logic gates (AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR) and its output only depends on the current input (do not have memory).

What are the limitations of logic gates?

limitations of logic gates

What is optical logic gates?

types of optical logic gates

Types of logic gates?

AND - true if both/all inputs are true OR - true if any input is true XOR - true if one input is true and one input is false NOT - true if input is false

Uses of logic gates?

logic gates r used in alarms.

What is use of logic gates?

All digital electronic circuits are composed of logic gates. Without logic gates there would be no digital electronics.

Why logic gates is important?

because similry logic gates used on and off

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