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Can magickarp learn surf?

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Yes, all water Pokemon should be able to learn surf.

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How do you evolve Magikarp in Pokemon Platinum?

If you are going to evolve a Magickarp in Pokemon Platinum you need to: 1. Go and find yourself a MagicKarp(of course if your going to evolve a MagicKarp) 2.level up that MagicKarp to lvl 20 and then it evolves.( It will learn how to use bite when it evolves). P.S I hoped this helped you!

What level does ducklett learn surf?

You have to use the HM surf It does not learn surf by leveling

Can seviper learn surf?

No. Seviper cannot learn surf.

Can togepi learn surf?

No, Togepi cannot learn Surf.

Can vanillite learn surf?

Vanillite cannot learn Surf.

What level does slowpoke learn surf?

Slowpoke does not learn Surf by levelling up, but it can learn Surf via HM in all generations.

Can Zigzagoon learn Surf?

Yes, Zigzagoon is able to learn Surf.

Can Vaporeon learn surf?

YES! It is a water Pokemon and can learn to surf.

Can marill learn surf on sapphire?

Yes, Marill can learn Surf.

Can mar ill learn surf?

Yes, Marill can learn Surf.

Can manaphy learn surf in Pokemon?

Manaphy cannot learn Surf but it can be taught it via the Surf HM.

Why does my aggron can learn surf?

Although it is steel/rock type , it can learn surf. There is no reason why Aggron can learn surf or not. It is what the game creators decided.

What Pokemon can learn surf in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

there are a lot of Pokemon that can learn surf but mostly water type Pokemon can learn surf but did you know that snorelax and rydon can lean surf

Can marill learn surf?

Yes, Marill can learn surf on Pokémon Emerald.

Can plusle learn surf on pokemon ruby?

No, Plusle cannot learn Surf.

Would Gyarados learn surf?

Yes he can if you teach him the Hm it will learn surf

What level does Golduck learn surf at?

Golduck does not learn Surf by levelling up. You must teach it Surf by using the HM.

Where do you learn surf in Pokemon Red?

You learn surf when you get to the secret house in the safari zone.

What Pokemon can learn surf HeartGold?

Basically any water type can learn surf

Can nidoran learn surf?

No, it can't. Only its last evolutionform, Nidoqueen, can learn surf.

When can ferarigator will learn surf in Pokemon silver?

Feraligatr doesn't learn Surf on its own. You need to give it a HM that contains Surf.

How can you learn to surf?

get the HM surf and the corresponding badge.

What Pokemon can learn surf in diamond?

almost every single water Pokemon can learn surf.

Can stantler learn surf?

No, Stantler cant learn Surf or any HM moves in general.

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