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There is new research coming out in the next couple of weeks which will demonstrate that it does help some people with ADD and bi-polar problems. There are many medical marijuana users at this time who report using it for those problems. There is no evidence yet that it helps with OCD disorders.

I have bi polar. When i smoke weed i am very relaxed and very mellow. I never get into fights or go crazy or nothing. I stopped smoking for 5 months. I became much more angry , i spent money like crazy, and i had trouble sleeping. Those are not marijana withdrawl symptoms those are bi polar symptoms but they became worse.

My opinion, marijuanna will help with bi polar, when i stopped i was horrible like i used to be. With marijuanna i sleep alot more, and am more focused. I say yes because i am proof lol. As far as add, i am not sure.

Additional notation not by original author... You must be careful to get the dosage right. Too much and you will have an episode too little and the same thing. Just like other psych medication. The problem is that all marijuana is different and different doses may be needed to get the same effect. The same is true, that all people are different and will need different size doses. Thankfully research is occurring at the current time into isolating THC and making it in liquid form so as to get proper medical dosing and improve the stigma behind medical marijuana.

Not likely, considering it already causes them, i.e. you can get mental disorders from marijuana.

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Q: Can marijuana help with mental disorders?
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What mental disorders can be treated with medical marijuana?

Stress, Anxiety, Bi Polar Disorder, Mental Illness are the mental disorders can be treated with medical marijuana

Does marijuana cause mental disorders?

No. It's actually used to treat mental disorders like schizophrenia.

Can medical marijuana help eating disorders?

yes it can

What type of mental health professionals help with mental disorders and their families accept to a illness?


Which type of mental health professionals help people with mental disorders and their families accept and adjust to an illness?


What are so mental disorders?

Mental health disorders are psychosocial issues which are grouped into certain categories to help us better identify the likely causes and treatments of the disorders (anxiety disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders).... Some mental diagnoses include: bipolar disorder borderline personality disorder obsessive compulsive disorder generalized anxiety disorder schizophrenia anorexia

Does marijuana help with depression?

It always depends on the person. marijuana normally helps with eating disorders, insomnia, and Most aches and pains.

Can mental disorders cause you be to hostile?

yes. and.. so can people with mental disorders.

Is there herbs to help mental illnesses?

yea .....the most used herb....marijuana

Is marijuana harmful when not abused?

Marijuana is not harmful when abused so I think you know your questions answer *Smoking anything is harmful, abusing marijuana can progress to mild forms of psychosis if you have prior mental disorders. but beside that no unless your under 15.

Do doctors in Arizona prescribe medical marijuana for mental disorders?

Marijuana cannot be prescribed anywhere in the United State as prescribing a level one narcotic will cause them to lose their license. Level one narcotics are show to have no medicinal value. Starting in April, a doctor in Arizona may "recommend" marijuana but not specifically for mental disorders. You would need to have one of the listed conditions such as chronic pain. So if you feel your mental disorders are causing you pain, then they should be able to recommend for you. One of the dispensaries named Chronic Comfort is keep patients posted on what to do and where to go as the laws occur.

Can does and will psychiatry ever produce any kind of mental disorders ever?

Psychiatry does not cause mental disorders. They diagnose and treat disorders but do not cause them.

What are the causes of organic mental disorders?

Brain injury, strokes, and syphilis can cause organic mental disorders.

What is the difference between organic and functional mental disorders?

Organic Mental Disorders are caused by brain impairment and are not as common; Functional Mental Disorders are caused by a malfunction of the mind and are more common overall.

Ill effects of drug?

Mental disorders,psycological disorders

What disorders did joan of arc have?

She didn't have any mental disorders.

What are some common mental health disorders?

There are many common mental health disorders. Among the most common mental health disorders are depression, bipolar disorder, manic depressive disorder and schizophrenia.

What are the duties of an psychologist?

to help people who have mental patients deal with substance abuse,anxiety disorders.

Who can people with eating disorders talk to?

People who suffer from eating disorders can talk to many people. For help, they can talk to mental help therapists and / or doctors. For support, they can talk to friends, family, and support groups of others who suffer from eating disorders like they do.

What mental disorders require inpatient treatment in an institution?

The the links that are provided only give me treatments to mental disorders but not what mental disorders. My guess is anyone with schizophrenia would need treatment at a institution, as they can be unstable in the public.

Psychologists in the US use a standardized reference for diagnosing mental disorders called?

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

What are the advantage of taking marijuana?

There appears to be some aspect of pain relief for glaucoma and other mental disorders. The challenge is being able to obtain it without breaking the law.

How many disorders are there?

It depends on what kind of disorders you're talking about. There are mental disorders, muscle disorders, organ disorders, etc. But disorders in general, probably hundreds.

Why do mental disorders develop?


Are mental disorders treatable?

Many are, but require awareness and acceptance from the afflicted. There should be some health awareness campaigns to reduce mental disorders.