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No, the mid-fielder is supposed to be an attack of the opposing goal, and a defender of your own net, but NOT a goalie. HINT-HINT. . . mid- fielders are supposed to be in the middle of the field, not in the net.

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When do midfeilders play offense?

midfieders usually play offense when he offensce is in truouble or has a great chance of scoring

What country produces good goalkeepers?

Italy produces good goalkeepers.

Do goalkeepers wear shinpads?

Yes, goalkeepers wear shin pads.

Do goalkeepers need to be fit?

Goalkeepers have to be very fit , in health and as well as their vision.

Can you list Man UTD Goalkeepers from 1970 to 1990?

Yes I can and I'm sure you can also.

Goalkeepers dropkick distance?

Goalkeepers can only kick the ball into the other goal box.

Who are the world's richest goalkeepers?

it will be v.valdez

How many goals are scored by goalkeepers till now?

There have been 3 goalkeepers to score a goal in the E.P.L they are Brett Friddel.and peter schmichael.

What is the goalkeepers job in soccer?

The goalkeepers job in soccer is to keep the ball out of the goal so the other team won't make a point (goal).

What soccer players have number 1?


Can you score a goal from a goalkeepers punt?

try it.

What is the polish goalkeepers name?

Wojciech Szczensy

What is the barcelonas goalkeepers name?

v valadas

Do professional soccer players have goalkeepers?


How many goalkeepers in a football team?


How many kilometres run by soccer players in a game?

Midfielders have been known to run up to 10km per game. Defenders and obviously Goalkeepers; less.

Who protects the goalkeepers in soccer?

In soccer, goalkeepers are tasked to protect themselves. For physical protection from the likely injuries sustained from diving saves, goalkeepers are allowed to wear track suit bottoms as part of their uniform. Arguably, the goalkeeper position is often the most dangerous. Referees often give goalkeepers more leeway on conduct associated with dangerous play due to the inherent danger of the position.

Who was the Aston Villa goalkeepers in 1920?

Cyril Spiers

List of ex Arsenal goalkeepers?

Manuel Almunia

Was Vladimir Beara one of the best goalkeepers ever?


How many goalkeepers in a water polo team?


How many goalkeepers are captains in the World Cup?


What is the longest soccer goal?

several goalkeepers have scored from a goal kick< but several goalkeepers have scored from a goal kick< but i think the longest was by pat jennings, reputedly at 97yds

Who are the goalkeepers for Spain's team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Spain's national football team has 3 goalkeepers:Iker Casillas (captain)Víctor ValdésPepe Reina

Why would you be a goalkeeper?

goalkeepers are basically needed to stop shots .