Can mongooses be pets

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Probably not.

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Q: Can mongooses be pets
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Are mongooses good pets?


Are mongooses kept as pets?


Would mongooses make good pets in America?


Are mongooses friendly?

Generally, mongooses are not friendly. They are not able to be kept as pets anywhere except in Hawaii and Mexico, although a few exceptions to this exist.

Why are mongooses endangered?

Mongooses are not endangered.

Would mongoose make good pets?

They are illegal in the United States, first of all, and secondly they would make terrible pets, unless you could support thirty-something mongooses and give them room for a burrow in an area with plenty of hunting ground, I.E. in a national park in their native land. That's if your planning to have one of the social species of mongoose (Meerkats, Banded Mongooses, Yellow Mongooses, Kusimanses, etc.) If you wanted one as a pet, you'd want either an Egyptian mongoose (The Ichneumon) or a White-tailed mongooses, which are the largest mongooses and also solo hunters. However, being solitary animals, they would be exceedingly difficult to tame; you'd likely lose a few fingertips.

Are there mongooses in Halo 2?

No, there are no Mongooses in Halo 2.

What is the singular form of mongooses?

The singular of mongooses is mongoose.

What is a pack of mongooses called?

A pack of Mongooses is called a Flock.

What is the collective noun of mongoose?

The standard collective nouns for mongooses are:A band of mongoosesA curiosity of mongoosesA pack of mongooses

How many mongooses can a mother mongoose have?

up to 5 baby mongooses or more =) "Mongeese"?

What is a group of mongoose called?

A group of mongooses/mongeese is called a troop.