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Can mood swings be connected to the moon phases?


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January 23, 2015 5:23PM

Moon Phases and People

There is no real scientific evidence for this. The only thing that has a real connection to the moon's phases is to the cycles of the tides.

People will quote anecdotal 'evidence' to try to show connections.

Think of the wolf howling at the moon.

Certain plant species doing abnormal things while it's full or new.

Think of the saying, "Where did all these crazy people come from? It must be a full moon!"

Sometimes people come up with studies which seem to imply connections, but they haven't been able to stand up to rigorous analysis. If you think about it, before widespread street lighting, strong moonlight would enable all sorts of activities that can't happen at the dark of the moon, and people extrapolated from there. The confusion with a woman's menstrual cycle (which certainly can cause mood swings!) is a result of the coincidence of the lengths of the cycles.