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No, its a group thing.

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Q: Can natural selection occur in an individual organism?
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What level does natural selection occur at?

natural selection occurs when animals need it

What allows natural selection and evolution to occur for a tree?

differences in the characteristics of individual trees

Does natural selection occur in the world today?

Yes, natural selection is always occurring.

Why would natural selection not occur in this poplutation?

What population? Perhaps you mean if there were no variation for natural selection to select from.

What is the third step in natural selection?

There are really no steps in natural selection - just conditions required for it to occur.

How is genetic diversity important to the concept of natural selection?

Without genetic diversity, natural selection cannot occur

How long does it take for adaptations to occur with natural selection?

Individual animals do not adapt. Adaptation happens over generations within a species in a certain environment.

what causes natural selection to occur?

the presence of predators

How does natural selection produce adaptation's in a species?

the theory of natural selection is where "survival of the fittest" comes from. certain mutations occur in the birth of an organism that may be good or bad. in order to adapt, a species needs to mutate in a certain way in the next generation. this may take hundreds, thousands, or millions of years but eventually the optimal organism will emerge

What requires natural selection to occur in a population?

genetic variation

Can natural selection occur without variation in a population?

no there is no genetic variation for natural selection to act upon

What term is defined as natural change that occur in communities over time?

Natural selection