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no, nonmetals replace nonmetals and metals replace metals.

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Can nonmetals replace other nonmetals in single replacement reactions?

Yes they can replace other non metals in a single replacement. Fluorine is the most reactive then Chlorine then Bromine then Iodine then Astatine.

How do metals and nonmetals compare with respect to electron affinity?

The defining characteristic of metals and nonmetals is that metals have a much lower electron affinity than nonmetals do. Metals tend to lose electrons when they undergo a chemical reaction, while nonmetals tend to gain electrons when they undergo a chemical reaction.

How can a table listing of metals in an activity series be useful for prending whether a chemical reaction will occur?

An activity series of metals can predict whether a replacement (displacement) reaction will occur. You use the activity series to compare the reactivity of different metals in order to predict whether a replacement reaction will occur. A metal that is above another metal in the series will replace that metal in a compound.

What is the most reactive group of a metals and nonmetals?

Metals: alkaline metals Nonmetals: halogens

Why are nonmetals better oxidizers than metals?

Nonmetals have a higher effective nuclear charge, therefore they are more likely to gain electrons in a chemical reaction and metals are more likely to give electrons up. This makes nonmetals the better oxidezer

Are metals and non metals brittle?

Metals are not brittle, but nonmetals are. Metals are malleable and ductile, while nonmetals are not.

What is a single reaction a dublle replacement reaction?

You can identify a single replacement reaction because the reactants are a compound + an element. The products of a single replacement reaction are found by switching the element with another element in the compound. Metals switch with metals, non-metals switch with non-metals, and the most reactive element is always in the compound. A double replacement reaction can be identified because the reactants are always compound +compound. The products would also be two compounds but the elements would switch.

How are metals and nonmetals arranged in the periodic table?

The metals are on the left and the nonmetals are on the right.

What elements have properties of metals and nonmetals?

Metalloids have properties of metals and nonmetals.

Do metaloids contain metals and nonmetals?

Metalloids do not contain either metals or nonmetals. They are elements that have properties of both metals and metalloids, and are found between the metals and nonmetals on the periodic table.

What are the similarities between metals and metalloids and nonmetals?

what is the similarities between metals metalloids and nonmetals

What kind of bonds do metals and nonmetals form?

Metals and nonmetals form ionic bonds.

What is the difference in the atomic radius in metals and nonmetals?

what is the differance of the atomic radius in metals and nonmetals

How are metalloids different from metals and nonmetals?

because metalloids usually have properties that are similar to metals and nonmetals

What are the similarities metals and nonmetals have in common?

Metals and nonmetals are both in the periodic table. They both have atoms in them.

Unlike metals many nonmetals are?

Unlike metals, most nonmetals are gases at room temperature.

An element that has characteristics of both metals and nonmetals is a what?

An element that has characteristics of both metals and nonmetals is a metalloid.

Does metals or nonmetals have the highest electronegativity values?

Nonmetals have the highest electronegativity values; Metals have the lowest

Do nonmetals only combine with nonmetals?

No. Nonmetals will also combine with metals and metalloids

Do covalent bonds form with metals or non-metals?

Both metals and nonmetals can form covalent bonds, but nonmetals do so more often.

Do the elements go from metals to nonmetals or nonmetals to metals?

Moving from left to right on the periodic table, the elements generall go from metal to nonmetals.

Compare the properties of metals nonmetals and metalloids?

Metals - best conductors of electricity.Metalloids - conductors of electricity that is poorer than metals, but better than nonmetals.Nonmetals - does not conduct electricity.

Why do ionic compounds form between metals and nonmetals?

Compounds between metals and nonmetals are predominantly ionic because there is a large difference in electronegativity between most metals and most nonmetals.

How do you use the activity series of metals to predict the products of a single-replacement reaction?

If the solid metal is above the combined metal, it will replace it in a single replacement reaction. If it is below the combined metal, it will not. For example: A + BX ==> AX + B if A is above B in the activity series, but A + BX ==> No reaction if A is below B in the activity series.

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