Can normal force cause movement

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Can normal force cause movement
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What forces cause normal expiration?

what force cause normal expiration

The cause of normal waves but not tsunamis?

the normal waves are produced due to the attractional or gravitational force between the earth and the moon but the tsunamis are caused due to the movement of the tectonic plates undet the ocean.

What is the opposite of lateral movement?

A force acting in a horizontal direction, such as wind, earthquake, or soil pressure against a foundation or a retaining wall.

What force cause the movement of the continent from one supercontinent to the present positions?

the movement of convection currents in the mantle is the cause of plate motion.

What is the Cause of the movement of electrons?

Force is the cause of movement. Electrons can be moved by gravitational force F= GmM/r^2 and electric force produced by the Electromagnetic fields, F=eE and F= evB= e(-v.B + vxB).

What force and what cause contributes to erosion and mass wasting?

gravity and movement

How does friction move an object?

Friction doesn't cause or create movement, it's a force that prevents or hinders movement.

Friction can cause a force that pulls on it how?

Friction is always against the direction of the movement.

What force and cause can contribute to both erosion and mass wasting?

gravity and movement

What force and what cause can contribute to both erosion and mass wasting?

gravity and movement

Why are force important?

Mainly, forces are what cause movement. To be more precise, a force causes an acceleration - basically, a change in velocity. Without forces, there would basically be no movement.

What is it called when the result of unbalanced forces acting on an object?

Movement, of some sort. For example, when you are standing still, the normal force is balanced with the force due to gravity. But, when you jump off a cliff, the forces are not balanced anymore (no more normal force), so you fall (movement).