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No, there are second stage and even basic pokemon who are capable of learning Hyper Beam.


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Since it's a fully evolved Pokemon, yes.

Every fully evolved Pokemon can learn Giga Impact. Fully evolved means that it cannot evolve any further.

Though not being fully evolved yet, yes it can.

No, not all Pokemon in Diamond can learn Hyper Beam.

Fearow is able to learn Hyper Beam. It can learn Hyper Beam through the use of the TM, which can be bought at the Celadon Department Store.

force palm,aura sphere,sesmic toss (if able to learn) and close combat (if able to learn)

Gyarados learns Hyper Beam at level 50.

All fully-evolved forms of the grass starters - specifically, Venusaur, Meganium, Sceptile, Torterra, Serperior, and Chesnaught.

You can't get it in Pokemon Crystal. Though there are Pokemon who can learn it like Dragonite.

It is the Grass starter from the Sinnoh Region. When it is fully evolved, it will be 2 types. it will become a grass and ground type. It will be able to learn Earthquake.

Charmander must evolve into Charizard to learn Hyper Beam.

Only if it could already learn those moves. There are some moves Pokemon can only learn by having an everstone because their evolved form can't learn it and they themselves learn it at a level post-evolution.

He never does. Luxray is a physical attacker, why on earth would you want Hyper Beam on it ??

raticate can learn both and can be found in many places or evolved from rattata

claydoll learn hyper beam. self destruct, earthquake, and sandstorm; it can also learn phsychic

In generation III games, Rayquaza learns Hyper Beam at level 75.

No, only fully-evolved grass starters can learn Frenzy Plant. You would have to evolve your Grotle into Torterra to learn it.

hyper beam,tackle,lear,andtake down

Pidgey doesn't learn it unless you breed it with a pokemon that knows Brave Bird, i suggest you use a Fully evolved Staraptor, that knows Brave Bird, Staraptor learns it at level 37

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