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If over the age of 18 yes if they are minors no you are responsible for them and to make sure that they wear their seatbelt at all times no matter what in some states they have the click it or ticket law....hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: Can passengers get seatbelt tickets
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How much do seatbelt tickets cost in Illinois?

Seatbelt tickets are 55$

Can your license get suspended for seatbelt tickets?

Can your license get suspended for seatbelt tickets how long

How many tickets have been given out for not having a seatbelt on?

none, its legal to not wear a seatbelt

Cost for seatbelt tickets in Utah?

The fee is around $45.

What happens if you get two tickets in a week?

it depends on the tickets, after a certain amount you will have your license revoked, if they are minor such as seatbelt tickets it would not be as serious

How do you shut off seatbelt light 2003 Nissan maxima?

Unless your seatbelt is on. aswell as other passengers, the seatbelt light will not turn off. It is a safety precaution and I highly doubt you can disarm it.

Seatbelt use reduces the fatality rate of front seat passengers by?


How did Titanic passengers get their tickets?

the passengers deffinetly got all there tickets from the boat people... they didnt have online booking at the time... that's a big help no a days!

How long do seatbelt tickets stay on your driving record?

"How long do seatbelt tickets stay on your driving record?" In many states a seatbelt violation is considered a non-moving violation and is not entered on your record. If it is entered it stays on for three years. Your DMV can tell you the policy in your home state. lwpat

How do use passengers' in a sentence?

This bag is not mine. It is a Passengers'.

What are people who buy tickets to travel by plane?


In Washington does a seatbelt ticket effect your insurance?

My lawyer advised me that seatbelt tickets do not count against you for your license as far as points go and that insurance should not be affected.

How much will a seatbelt ticket cost for the driver who was wearing the seatbelt but must be responsible for 4 passengers who were not?

Some states have their own fines, but go to

How much do seatbelt tickets cost in California?

California Click it or Ticket costs...California no seat belt tickets can range from $80 to $91.

How much does a seatbelt ticket cost you Wisconsin?

The seatbelt tickets can cost $200 to $500 in Wisconsin, so I'd suggest that you wear your seltbeat unless you want to throw away money on breaking the law.

If you have passengers That are infants or children make sure-?

If you are traveling in a vehicle with young passengers, they need to be in carseats if they are young and all children should be in a seatbelt. If you are driving a bus, you should make sure they have a caregiver traveling with them.

Can you get points for being a passenger not wearing a seatbelt?

It will depend on the specific law and how it was written. But in general, yes, the driver is responsible for the actions of the passengers.

Is there a statute of limitations on a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt in Texas?

Yes, it is seven years in every state. No, traffic tickets do not have SOL's.

In Germany would the driver and passenger get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt?

Yes, according to most German laws, every person in the car would get a ticket. The Germans believe that if the driver doesn't wear a seatbelt, it is the other passengers' responsibility to make the driver wear one. So therefore, if the driver isn't wearing one, it's the passengers' fault.

How Online Cancellation of Air Tickets?

Passengers can now cancel the flight tickets online and can obtain their refunds with nominal charges and refund processing fee.

Can a cop pull you over for not wearing seatbelt in Colorado?

In Colorado, seatbelt laws are 'secondary enforcement' meaning you cannot be pulled over just for not wearing a seatbelt. Instead, the charge may be added if you are pulled over for a Primary matter, such as running a stop sign. Note that this applies only to front seat passengers, back seat passengers are not required to do so.Also note Colorado has strict child safety laws regarding seatbelts, these are under primary enforcement laws and have a higher penalty.See below link:

How many e-tickets can be booked in IRCTC?

we can book six passengers in a single e-ticket.

How many passengers doea a Kia sorento seat?

Easily seats 5 safely and legally--- One more would crowd the back seat and not have a seatbelt.

How much do seatbelt tickets cost in new york state?

They cost about $150 in North Carolina. I'm sure its about the same for you. After I've gotten 5 seat belt tickets, I just put the dang thing on now.

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Titanic, the grandest ship in the world, was quite affordable to third-class passengers but was extremely expensive to first-class passengers who sailed with the philosophy to "get what you pay for".