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To me, the word "cure" implies an illness that can be treated, and so we could call it "cured." I don't know what the shrinks would say, but in my experience, this is primarily a character issue. People who lie even when there's no reason to, when there is nothing to protect or gain, are just flat deficient in character. They lie because they are liars, and choose to be. The psychologists desk reference, or whatever they currently call the list of actual mental disorders, keeps growing. Eventually the sum total of human behavior will be a form of mental illness at this rate. Chronic liars, in my experience, are also manipulators, so I guess there is a root reason for their lying. Whatever the cause of it is, and whatever the shrinks might say about it, in my experience this behavior is usually a lifetime thing.

AnswerCompulsive liars do have a problem and it usually stems from low self esteem. They feel they are not up to par with their peers so often lie or embellish on events in their lives to make themselves look more important. I agree with the other poster on much of what they said and this is certainly something for the Psychology books.

I believe if the person knows they are a compulsive liar (many seldom can admit this to themselves) and they work with a good psychologist there is a possibility of learning not to lie. We all tell "little white lies" at different times in our lives, but most of us don't lie to hurt others. If the compulsive liar does not seek treatment or doesn't want it, then it's best to move on because you'll only get hurt. Trust is a large issue in relationships whether it's loyalty to family, friends or relationships with a partner.


sometimes compulsive liars do have low self esteem proublems but that is not always the case. sometimes compulsive liars lie because of a tramatic event that has occured in their past such as childhood abuse. if a person does realise that they are a compulsive liar it is good to fin help as soon as possibe because they will have a better chance of overcomming the disease. when someone is a compulsive liar they do NOT lie by choice. it can be caused by a defect when the child is developing in the mothers womb. they can develop up to 20% to much white brain matter witch can cause some mental illnesses such as compulsive lieing. but don't confuse compalsive lieing with pathological lieing. they are verry different and treated in several different ways. basicly, a pathological liar or compalsive liar doesent lie by choice, its not something they can control. although on rare occations it has been proven to form out of habit that starts at a very young often because the child was not taught the consiquences of lieing or a parent displaied theese type of behaviors.

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Q: Can pathological liars be cured?
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Is there any medication available for a pathological liar?

It would be nice if there were! The only treatment for pathological lying is therapy. Unfortunately, most pathological liars are not interested in being cured. They do not think there is anything wrong with them.

What is the Sexual orientation of pathological liars?

There is no correlation between pathological liars and sexual orientation.

Do pathological liars lie to everyone or just some people?

there are two kinds of liars. compulsive liars and pathological liars. compulsive liars lie on impulse usually to make themselves seem more interesting. Pathological liars lie to anyone about anything and they actually believe themselves.

When do pathological liars tell the truth?

Pathological liars are those who tell lies at every given opportunity and it is a way of life for them. As such, pathological liars never tell the truth because they are incapable of doing so.

Are bipolar people pathological liars?

Some Bipolar people are pathological liars, but guess what? It has nothing to do with the fact that they are Bipolar. Being a pathological liar is not a symptom of Bipolar Disorder.

Is there treatment for pathological liars?

No not usually

Do pathological liars have feelings of guilt?


What is the difference between compulsive liars and pathological liars?

i love christian

Do pathological liars feel guilty when caught in a lie?

No, that's why they are called pathological.

Are pathological liars aware of their condition?

No, typically pathological liars are not not aware of the fact that they are lying constantly. And, often times they believe their own lies. However, we can't mix pathological liars with diagnosed disorder with a person who lies to protect himself/herself.

Can pathological liars fool their counselors?


Do pathological liars have a touch of schizophrenia?


Who are pathological liars?

Pathological liars lies on a regular basis and is unable to control their lying despite of foreseeing inevitable negative consequences or ultimate disclosure of the lie.

Do pathological liars fall in love?

NO, Not in a million years!

What is the medical term for compulsive liars?

Pathological liar

Do pathological liars financially sponge from others?


Are pathological liars very charming?

psuedo, somewhat

What are the reasons that pathological liars lie?

There are many reasons why pathological liars lie including having no reason at all. These are people who lie in a convincing manner and find comfort in lying.

Do pathological liars try to return to a previous relationship if the present one starts to go wrong?

Individuals may tend to do that in general - pathological liars really have no bearing on the situation. Where a pathological liar is concerned it totally depends on the individual themselves.

Are pathological liars usually unfaithful to their spouses?

Not all pathological liars are unfaithful. The question is: Do you think the pathilogical liar cheated on the spouse? Well, if you asked the pathological liar if they cheated on their spouse and they said no. Then they did, Because they are Pathological liars. Which means they cant help but to lie. But, if they said they didn't cheat on their spouse before you asked them? It could mean that they are not lieing. Its a catch twenty-two. They best way to figure that one out is to ask yourself, "Can I or should I trust a pathological liar?"

Are pathological liars capable of really loving someone?

Hello. Yes, they are.

Are all pathological liars narcissistic?

Yes... some are even SOCIOPATHIC

What signs are there for pathological liars?

they lie so easily that you believe them and they immediately answer

How do you beat pathological liars at their own game?

You lie to them every chance you get!

What is a propulsive Liar?

Compulsive liars are people who are unable to keep from telling lies, as opposed to pathological liars who lie out of convenience.