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yes that is common

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Q: Can people hear better in one ear or the other?
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What ear can people hear best out of?

ones as good as the other

Which ear can people best hear with?

The right ear

Which ear can people hear?


What is an ear trumpet in the novel 1984?

In another book I read, an ear trumpet means something that old people that are losing their hearing use to hear better.

What do you have ears for?

To hear and listen, not "go in one ear, come out the other ear".

Which ear can most people hear best?

Scientist have tested which ear people hear best from, and the results show that people hear best from their right ears. The test also prove that people preform task more often when the request is made in the right ear.

What divides the human hear into a left and right side?

The brain and the skull design divides the hearing system.. Each ear is its own unit with their own internal mechanisms and auditory nerves. That is why some people can hear with one ear but not their other ear when that ear is damaged.

Why does putting your ear to the door help us hear better?

It helps you to hear better because if you put your ear at the door the sound vibrates so that's why you can hear better. If this is the wrong answer then don't shout t me because I'm only in standard 4 By: Boago Keetshabe

What is the differences between animal ear and human ear?

The differences are that the animal ear is much bigger than the human ear and animal ears hear better.

What makes ear plugs work?

ear plugs for hearing loss get put into the ear and helps you to hear better than before after a while.

Can deaf people hear with a cochlear ear implant?


Do you hear better after cleaning your ear with ear buds?

I have got quite a bit of earwax out of ears with earbuds so.. yes

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