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Darkcry is not even in the emerald pokedex. Thus no. Only emerald Poke'mon can be given to DS Poke'mon games.

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Q: Can pokeomn dark cry trade with Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get a Gengar in pokemon emerald?


Can you get dark Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

No, you can only get purified Pokemon (no shadow Pokemon), however you can get dark-type Pokemon such as mightyena or absol.

Physic Pokemon are weekend by what in Pokemon emerald?

physic Pokemon are weakend by dark

How do you get starter Pokemon of dark cry version in emerald?

First of all i havent tried but im pretty sure this will happen Pokemon Dark Cry Is A Fake Version Of Fire Red Therefore Im Pretty sure it can trade with emerald (i never tried but since it can trade with ruby it can trade with emerald?) but the starters for example turtwig is just a diffrent sprite all they did was replace a treeko sprite with a turtwig and thats why it learn leaf blade instead of somthing else. so if u can trade a turtwig or somthing from dark cry it will just change into a the pokemon they changed the sprite of. Hoped I Helped Correct Me If Im Wrong ^^ PokemonLover7931 Out.

How can you get dark Lugia in emerald?

by trading it from Pokemon xd

Who gives you the dark ball in Pokemon emerald?

No one.

At what level does Poochyena evolve on Pokemon Emerald?

Poochyena is a dark type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Emerald it will evolve if you raise it up to level 18.

How do you get dark Lugia in emerald?

You cannot. Dark Lugia is only available in Pokemon Colloseum.

How do you get the skill tag in Pokemon Emerald?

Usually a dark/ghost Pokemon will be holding one.

How do you beat mossdeep gym leader in pokemon emerald?

you get a dark Pokemon for example mightyena

How do you get a dark ball in Pokemon emerald version?

Yes you can get 1dark ball in Emerald version. (You can't buy one, a person gives it to you) I caught a Rayquaza with it. Also go on and battle me if you dare. Username=Bergman17 Password=not telling password Pokemonteamon crater : LV 100 VENUSAR, LV 100 BLASTOISE, LV 100 KINGLER, LV 71 MAGMAR, LV52 PUPITARandLV 73 FLYGON P.S. Training Pupitar into Tyranitar, trying to find Shadow Lugia + Mewtwo +Mew. BYE-BYE AND REMEMBER TO BATTLE ME AND GET THAT DARK BALL.

What is super effective affective against psycic Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

Ghost Bug and Dark