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Q: Can police stop and check your car just for running plates?
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Example of recent major earthquakes?

Japan just two days ago. However there are two types of quakes. Plates running Side by side and plates running up an down

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you can become a police explorer just check with you local police department and ask do you do police exploring allot of police departments do

Where can 2010 Avon Mother's Day Plates be purchased?

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Are the vehicle recognition cameras used by Avon and Somerset police accurate in what they relay to tho police officer?

Most just capture plates and are very accurate

Can a policeman pull you over just by running your plates?

Yes. If there is a want or a warrant for you he can pull you over to arrest you.

Are the police license plate scanners violate the fourth amendment?

No. License plates are already in plain sight, and an officer can run the plates at any time. The scanner just speeds up the process.

Does the engine need to be running when you add transmission fluid to a 94 trooper?

No. Only when you check the level. It's just easier to leave it running so you can check it right away.

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Check your timing belt!

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check for a bad ground

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check timing belt, sounds to me like it may be broken

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No, check it after the engine has not been running for at least 15 minutes.

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